Monday, 18 November, 2013 - 17:26

The best way to enjoy music

by KatieP

I love listening to music and will try to do it as much as I can. Whether I'm driving my car or walking somewhere I always have a CD or my iPod playing because I feel music can greatly influence your mood. I can listen to music to cheer me up or relax me or remind me about a certain time and a certain place where I last listened to that song. 

My favourite way however and I feel the best way to listen to music is live! I absolutely love going to concerts to watch and hear my favourite artist or band perform. The last concert I went to was a Mumford and Sons concert in Newcastle, a country-folk style band from the UK. The atmosphere was incredible and a lot of hard work had gone into the stage and making sure all of the lights and sound effects not only sounded good but also looked good. I always feel that people come together at gigs (another word for a music concert). You can find yourself easily talking to people you might never have talked to before, just because they share an interest in a particular music artist. 

I also find that at concerts many artists or bands may do a slightly different version of their song. They might speed it up or slow it down or play it acoustically. Sometimes they might cover someone else's song so I feel that the live performances really show you a new way to listen to music. I enjoy concerts because although you might be watching your favourite band or artist, you usually always discover something new and different because of the way it is played live.

I would therefore recommend that everyone goes to a concert, at least once, to experience their favourite music in a new and interesting way. I find that by seeing something live you can see how much effort and hard work goes into things so it always makes me appreciate my favourite artists more. I know I certainly couldn't do what they do and who knows maybe you will even make a few new friends along the way too!


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Have you ever been to a concert? What's the best way for you to enjoy music? 

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