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The importance of music

by AmyC

I have always been a big fan of music but to be honest, I don't know anyone who has ever overtly disliked it. And that’s why it’s one of life's true delights, because it can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. With films, you need to understand what is being said and with books, you need to be able to read, but music has no boundaries, no prerequisites and is accessible for all. I don’t think there are many things in life that have such a direct and visible impact on someone’s mood. Obviously there are some people who are less bothered by music, and of course it depends on what sort of music they’re into, but watching someone react when they hear one of their favourite songs is actually the best thing ever.

Personally, I’m a big disco/soul/funk kind of girl. I like to just call it boogie music because for me, I don’t see how you can’t not dance when you hear it. It instantly changes my mood and you can see it in my face straight away (I’m that idiot bounding down the street with their headphones on and a great big smile on their face). But I don’t care, because music makes me feel good and has the power to join you with other people in this shared moment where exchanging words isn’t necessary.

I think music has such an impact on people because it taps into their feelings and always carries a story. And I don’t just mean in the lyrics but in the history of where the genre has originated from, how it’s evolved over time, who performs it, who listens to it. Everyone who partakes in experiencing music develops the story that bit more and winds it into a page of their own story.

Discovering new styles is a great way into a new culture. I’m currently in Madrid and have been enjoying salsa and reggaeton which are historic here but thanks to La Movida Madrileña, there’s a huge array of genres and clubs. From disco at Bogui to house at Mondo, techno at Sala Sol and salsa at Son, Madrid has it all. So wherever you’re living right now, I recommend you to get involved in the music scene and you might stumble across something you really love, or at the very least, you’ll partake in something special with other people.

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How important is music in your life? 

Submitted by gruzdevajulia on Fri, 09/17/2021 - 06:46

Music for me is salvation, healing, inner mood. I always know that whatever happens to me, the connection with music will never be severed. I can always find myself in it.
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Submitted by empty on Thu, 08/08/2019 - 07:40

Music is emotion , It's a feeling and we can't live without it .

Submitted by czlidoalmare on Wed, 09/26/2018 - 19:47

I'm a big fan of music. I really love listen to it, because I think that music can make you feel free, and it can show you a passion that you didn't know you had, like dance or sing. Music I like most is pop music, because it's eventul and I like its rhyithm and its lyrics. When I listen to music I start to sing, dance and jump, I make free all the energy I've inside:I can't stop even a moment! Music change my mood: if I'm sad or angry, it makes me happy and feel good, it lives me in my world. Every music's got a story; but there isn't one that tell my story. Every history is different ; that's why every song has something that others don't have. I don't know when and where pop music was born...but I know that, often, popsongs tells stories about love...and that's handy! Because if you can't express your feelings with words, you can do it with music! Music is and always will in my heart!

Submitted by veronicco on Wed, 09/26/2018 - 18:56

I'm a great fun of music and I mostly like rap and pop music. When I listen to my music I really feel good and I forget anything around me. For example last summer I went to a rap concert with my father; when we were going back home, our motorbike broke down. But I was happy, because I had seen that fantastic concert! That night my father told me that rap music was born among black people in USA.

Submitted by Giovi on Wed, 09/26/2018 - 17:44

I am a big fan of music and my favourite genres are pop music, rap and jazz. I really like listening to music while I’m in the car. I think that music has great power over people, not just because it can transmit important messages through lyrics but also, and specially, because it can touch people's soul and change their moods. Personally, music relaxes me when I'm a little nervous or angry for some reason. Sometimes it gives me great joy, or it makes me feel strong emotions. I often listened to John Lennon's songs with my grandfather when he was still alive. Our favourite song was "Imagine". Now, when I'm alone and I listen to it, I feel so much sadness and nostalgia because it makes me think of him. This is the "evocative power" of music. Each musical genre has its own origins and history. Rap music belongs to the genre of Black music and was born around the 70s by the Hip Hop culture. It is a music of revolt and protest that, through rhythmic rhymes, makes people dance and transmits political and social messages. Giovanni

Submitted by dreamersdontsleep on Sat, 08/18/2018 - 12:13

music means everything to me. when i'm having a bad day the only thing that helps me is listening to music or playing my guitar. sometimes i feel like the songs I listen to are handmade for me. music makes you feel free to be yourself, and every song you listen to is part of a special and full of emotions moment.
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