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Monday, 7 December, 2015 - 20:49

Going back to the Dark Ages

by CharlotteM

I am a time traveller. At the moment, I am talking to you from the Dark Ages, where science and technology has been forgotten.

Well … not exactly. But it sure does feel like it!

About two and a half months ago, my computer broke and I have been living without one at home. The only time I can use a computer is during my breaks at work. The man in the repair shop said it would be more expensive to fix my computer than to buy a new one!

Now, I can admit that I am addicted to the internet. I spend hours and hours of my free time watching funny cat videos on YouTube, scrolling through Twitter and playing video games with my friends online. When I was told my computer couldn’t be fixed, I was miserable! I don’t have enough money to buy a new one at the moment and I will have to wait until December.

I have been trying to think of things to do without a computer, but it is a lot more difficult than I was expecting! I got my first computer when I was six years old and I have loved technology ever since. Now that I am older, I use the internet all the time. It has taken a while but I am starting to get used to living without easy access to the online world.

This experience has made me realise just how useful computers really are. I use the internet for schoolwork, shopping, and all my banking is done online. Without the internet, it feels like you’re missing out on something. I miss being able to talk to my friends without having to wait until I am at work to use a computer. I do still have my phone, but international calling is very expensive!

However, it’s not all bad. I am sleeping a lot better now and I have been baking a lot, which I love but never used to find enough time to do. I might need to find a new hobby soon as I am eating a lot more! As much as I miss my computer and look forward to getting a new one, it has been good for me to have a break from the internet.

Living without a computer may not be as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I am ready to leave the Dark Ages and return to the 21st century!

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What would you do if you had to live without the internet?

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