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Tuesday, 21 January, 2014 - 14:17

Video killed the radio star

by KatieP

Listening to the radio is something which I really like to do. Whether it’s to listen to my favourite songs, catch up on the latest news or just listen to something to help me chill out and relax, the radio is always there for me!

I’m surprised when talking to my students in school, to find out that many of them hardly ever listen to the radio because they think it’s boring. At home I always listen to the radio when I’m driving my car or doing my homework. The radio can also be very useful for me as it often has traffic updates which tell me whether the road I want to use has a traffic jam on it.

There is a song by The Buggles called “Video killed the Radio Star” which I used to listen to a lot and now it makes more sense to me. Has TV and video (more recently DVD) and the internet taken over the place of the radio for many people?

Now that I am living in Germany I recently managed to get hold of an old radio for free and so now I like to listen to that when I’m getting ready in the morning and when I’m making my tea.

Of course it can be annoying when a song that I don’t like comes on the radio but the majority of time I like the music that is played and it is also a good way for me to hear new songs. Listening to my new radio in German is good for my language learning because I can listen to the news and the chit chat in German, whilst also hearing new German songs. Although of course I can still listen to my favourite British and American music as my radio station plays both.

I’ve always listened to the radio since I was young and thought that it was a very popular way to listen to music and news, but after talking with my students I have found that might not be the case anymore. Whatever people think though, you will still always find me dancing around my room listening to the radio!

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Do you ever listen to the radio? Do you think that video (or the internet) has killed the radio?! 

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