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Boxing for beginners

by EllieH

I’d heard quite a few of my friends in England talk about “boxercise” (a keep-fit boxing class), so when a new French friend of mine invited me to a class in Nantes I was really quite excited. I love trying new things and I was determined to take up a new hobby on my year abroad. Needless to say, it was not quite what I was expecting and I thought I’d share my rather funny experience with you all.

I set off on the tram with the expectation of arriving at a modern French equivalent of Fitness First. When I arrived however, it was not quite as cosy as I'd imagined! I was in a dingy, cold, graffiti-covered school sports hall that had two “real” boxing rings set up. I changed into my sports kit and asked tentatively if the teacher could lend me some gloves and a head mask. Unfortunately for me both pieces of kit were still very damp from the previous class. I put on a brave face and put the sweaty head mask on. I headed for the ring…

BAM… My friend really did hit me straight in the nose - not quite the gentle start I was hoping for! It came as a very useful wake-up call. I was certainly not in a boxercise class, I was in a group of boxers training for competition. Two hours later, (yes, two hours!), I was dying of exhaustion. I was half crying/half laughing! If only my friends could have seen me in such a state.

Needless to say that I am still adjusting to my new life in France - I think next week I’m going to try tennis!

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Would you like to try boxing? 

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I have already tried it and I like it very much!
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