Friday, 13 January, 2017 - 11:47


by EllenBlogger

I’m going skiing this weekend and I’m so excited! There’s nothing better than being really high up in the mountains, with beautiful views, clear sunny days, freezing cold temperatures and skiing on beautifully soft snow.

I’ve bought some new ski gear that I can’t wait to wear and I am fully equipped for the cold with my ski jacket, salopettes, bobble hat, neck scarf, fleece and ski socks! All I need now is my skis, ski boots and poles.

I can’t wait to breathe in the fresh, cold air and to feel the burn in my legs as I ski down the mountain. I’m looking forward to falling over and making myself look silly - I just laugh at myself, pick myself up and carry on, knowing that it is all good practice!

I love sitting on the ski lifts and feeling the air get colder and colder the higher up you go, especially as all you want to do is get off and start skiing again before you get too cold. Getting off the lift is fun, especially as you have to time it just right, jump off, and then you slide away as smoothly as possible, using the lift to push you away (which is difficult when there are three other people trying to do the same thing!). There are different types of lift too and I remember one called a button lift, which you put between your legs to pull you up. I fell off and had to walk the rest of the way up. The second time we went on this lift, I fell off again, but refused to let go and ended up holding on in a ‘Superman’ kind of pose until I got to the top to see everyone laughing at me!

I also love the après-ski. We go to a bar at the top of the mountain and get a drink and chat about all the funny things which have happened during the day. I’m always amazed at the fact that a hot mulled wine is cheaper to buy than a hot chocolate. I don’t drink beer and I am always in need of a hot drink to warm me up after a long day of skiing!


Have you ever been skiing? If you have, what do you like the most about it? Do you love going up into the mountains like Ellen?

Submitted by thomascobos2005 on Wed, 02/05/2020 - 17:37

That's really exciting , want to meet the snow , and I want too skiing in antartica someday!!!!, I'm happy for you for live this experience.
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Submitted by empty on Sat, 08/10/2019 - 06:33

Every year my family and I go to the snowy mountains to do snow activities , but we never ski . I like skiing .
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