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The Football World Cup

by EleanorC

Wherever you live in the world, you have probably noticed that the Football World Cup 2014 is taking place in Brazil at the moment.

I personally don’t watch football and don’t support a particular team. However, I have got into the spirit of the World Cup by watching matches with friends and seeing the excitement of football fans.

I was in Italy for the beginning of the World Cup. People were very enthusiastic for the first match, when Italy won against England. Lots of flags were hung out on balconies and people drove around the streets honking their car horns. Then Italy’s team lost against Uruguay and Costa Rica and was knocked out of the competition. The same thing happened to England, who was also eliminated in the first round.

Instead, I started supporting France and watched the match with some friends in a big square in the centre of Berlin. Everyone celebrated when France scored the winning goals against Nigeria. The same night, I also saw the match between Germany and Algeria. Luckily Germany won, so in the capital city everyone was cheering and smiling.

The next rounds of the World Cup will be very interesting as more teams get eliminated. I wonder who will end up in the final!

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Are you watching the World Cup 2014? Who are you supporting? 

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Submitted by IamYegane on Tue, 07/24/2018 - 14:09

I watched world cup this year and 4 years ago... 4 years ago and this year, i was supporting Germany! They were really fantastic 4 years ago ( specially against Brazil!!! lol 7-1) ... but this year they weren't like what they were! But they're Germany and they'll come back stronger!!!! I love Manuel Neuer! He's the best goalkeeper in the world!
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