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Time out to recharge

by GraceBlogger

Everyone needs time out to recharge their battery every now and then, whether it’s reading before bed, doodling in your book whilst trying to study or simply watching TV. These minutes that we take to chill out are beneficial to the way we feel and, unfortunately, these days, due to most people’s busy schedules, this time doesn’t seem to be so necessary.

However, my favourite way of unwinding is practising yoga. I have now been doing yoga for over one year and it has had such a positive influence in my life in many ways. Firstly, I have seen a change in my stress and time-management, as this can be quite hard to deal with in university life. Secondly, as a person I feel more positive about myself, situations and life in general. Lastly, of course I feel healthier and fit in my lifestyle as yoga requires flexibility and power. So, there we have the three concepts that make yoga what it is. Through physical, mental and spiritual well-being you can transform your body and mind.

But, ‘why is yoga a good way to take time out and recharge?’, I hear you asking. Well, yoga comes from the word ‘yoke’, which means ‘to bind’ or ‘to come together’. The purpose of yoga therefore is to unite with your body, mind and soul whilst stretching your body to form shapes through breathing. This may sound slightly strange if you have never heard of it, however the practice involves you getting into positions that stretch your body and strengthen you. Not only strengthening your core, but yourself as a person to take on anything you like. In other words, after yoga you feel refreshed and reinvigorated!

Primarily, it is my mind that benefits most from yoga, because it relaxes me and brings me back to where I need to be if I am feeling stressed, for example. Sometimes when you are worried, you cannot think properly or concentrate, so yoga is a blissful way to get that concentration and stability back. Fifteen minutes isn’t a lot of time in order to revitalise yourself, and maybe that is all you require. It is up to you, and that is what I love about yoga, as it is very personal and profound too. So, why not give it a go and find out how you will benefit from it?

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What do you do to relax and recharge your batteries? 

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WheneverI need time out to charge, I'm stressed out about empty human relationships. In such an occasion, I do somthing to unwind in a cozy sofa with reading or on a rocking chair with telly.
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