Life around the world

I really like celebrating Easter with my family and I know that the time is coming up due to the arrival of Shrove or Fat Tuesday, which this year will be on 4th March.

Life around the world

As some of you may know, I am currently on my year abroad in Germany as part of my university course.


Tongue twisters are word games which are fantastic to improve your pronunciation when speaking English!


My challenge for you is this: to read a book for 15 minutes every single day for a month.

Life around the world

When I was ten years old I went to the USA to visit some family friends. We travelled around California - Los Angeles, San Francisco - and Las Vegas.


It’s funny nowadays. Everybody buys their clothes. It’s not ‘cool’ to knit or sew your own any more and crafts like this are seen as a very old skill.

Science and technology

3D printing is becoming more and more popular. We are now able to print things such as clothing, prosthetic limbs, musical instruments and prototype cars.

Life around the world

I'm learning to drive in Switzerland. I thought it would be a good idea to learn now because I have plenty of free time and am earning a little money to pay for lessons.

Life around the world

Do you ever throw away food at home? Have you ever thought about what happens to the food that shops and supermarkets don’t sell?

Life around the world

A topic which fascinates me is that of the origins of Romani people in Spain. Living in Spain, I have noticed that there is a significant Romani population.


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