Monday, 20 August, 2012 - 11:32

Olympics Accessories

by Bethan Morgan

Aside from all the amazing sporting achievements and incredible atmosphere, one thing I always notice when watching the Olympics is the sometimes ridiculous amount of jewellery worn by the competitors. Serena Williams has always been known for her outfits and accessories, and although for her a gold medal was pretty much guaranteed this year, I found it quite presumptive that she should match her jewellery, sweatbands and even hair tie to the colour of her desired prize. Phillips Idowu is another culprit, with all his piercings catching the sun as he runs up to take his next jump. And then there are the runners, both sprinters and long-distance athletes, who wear anything from small earrings to huge chains round their necks.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for a bit of jewellery to add a little something to an outfit, and in fact I have two rings which I haven't taken off since I bought them some time ago. I am also a very sporty person - I run, I play tennis and I cycle. However, apart from the two rings on my right hand, I never wear jewellery when participating in these activities.

Not only can it look a bit odd, mixing sporty clothes and glamorous accessories, there is also a risk when wearing something so large (and heavy!) whilst sprinting 100m. Small items of jewellery such as rings or stud earrings are less likely to do you any harm, but the larger necklaces and dangling earrings present bigger problems. Yes, you want to look good while you are being broadcast to billions of people all over the World, but doing sports isn't just about looking good, is it? Perhaps it is a question of superstition or lucky charms, which would make it more understandable, but surely a pair of lucky underpants would work too? It would be less likely to harm you anyway! If I were in the Olympics, I would be concentrating more on representing my country rather than my local jewellery shop.


Do you agree with Bethan? Do you wear jewellery when you do sports?

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