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Thursday, 19 April, 2012 - 02:04

Sleep - 40 winks Colombian style

by Lauren Johnston

Sleep, I love it, you love it, it is amazing whether it is a full nights sleep on a feather bed or a cheeky nap in a hammock, what is not to love about a rejuvenating snooze? However, one person's four poster bed is another person's bed of nails, therefore I am about to take you on a whirlwind tour of sleeping Colombian style. Taganga Colombia: Fishing can be tough, sitting in the sun and watching the world go by does not get the recognition it deserves for the amount of energy that it takes, therefore the crafty people of Taganga use what they have in abundance, unused fishing boats to catch some much needed sleep. These little wooden fishing boats left in the shade offer a nice resting place, although due to the noise from the beach and fruit sellers it is not the quietest of places, also the possibility of splinters and the faintly fishy smell, I give it 3.5 winks. Bogota, Colombia: Bogota is a truly crazy, hectic place and therefore the opportunity of a nice little nap is a luxury, but not impossible for an inventive soul. The key to a successful Bogota cat nap is to take advantage of anytime that you do not have to personally move, I am talking of course of transport, as long as you are not the driver! Do you have a 10 minute bus journey, good, catch 40 winks even better, if you work as a delivery man, while the driver gets from A to B make yourself comfortable on the merchandise in the back. I have been reliably informed that hay and crates are the best for sleeping. However, the downside is that you wake up with a start and public transport could lead to embarrassing situations, think drooling and snoring! I give it 2 winks. La Guijara, Colombia: The world is a wonderful place and to demonstrate this we have the amazing invention of hammocks. Hammocks can be found throughout Colombia, but only in La Guajira they are an institution and it is also where the prettiest hammocks can be found. The swinging of a hammock is the most natural way to lull somebody to sleep and they also fit to the body perfectly. In a nutshell hammocks are amazing whether they are for a midday siesta to escape the heat or to rock you gently for a full night sleep, if you do not believe me tell you friends you have a hammock instead of a bed and you will be the most exotic and interesting person they know, wink rating 5.

What's your favourite place for a quick snooze? Can you fall asleep anywhere, or do you need a comfy bed?

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