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A trip to Morocco

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If you have not already been to morocco I urge you to put it next on your list. You will not be disappointed. Africa offers a world completely different to that of Europe, mainly a warmer, more fragrant and more colourful one! Products are cheap but the quality is not. The fruit and vegetables are totally fresh and the meat can't come any fresher.

I had the good fortune to be able to spend five days there during my holidays. I left France not knowing what to expect and what things were ahead of me. We stayed in a beautiful hostel which cost five euros a night with free breakfast. As is traditional in morocco,  we were supplied with many many cups of mint tea as well. There you could do cookery classes, sunbathe on the roof, get henna tattoos done and eat a delicious tagine. 
During our stay here we decided to be adventurous and visit the Sahara. It may have been nine hours drive away but it was definitely worth the long mini bus ride! We zoomed through the mountains and round the big corners. After nine hours and many picture breaks we arrived at the mouth of the Sahara. We took a camel ride for an hour and a half to where we had our camp. This was followed by a rich three course meal made be the nomads and a heart warming bonfire with music. It was a wonderful way to have some insight into life in the desert and how the people who live there survive. However, it was a bit disturbing to see these nomads with mobile phones and using them in the Sahara desert! It's funny how the whole world has become technology orientated! We saw shooting stars and the Berber nomads slept under the stars even though in the desert it is very, very cold at night! However our tent were very big and quite luxurious with mattresses inside and rugs laid down everywhere. 
This was probably the best experience of my life and I would encourage anyone else to take on this adventure! 

Tell us about the best trip you've ever been on.


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Monisa 27 October, 2014 - 06:05

I have been to many different places. But I would like to visit Genting Highland in Malaysia, and the hill tracts in Bangladesh.

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Bosnianchild 5 April, 2014 - 11:31

I don't travel a lots. My, the best trip was in Trogir-Croatia. I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and we drove from my town to Trogir 5 hours by bus!! It was the trip with my old class. We had bungalows.. We had great breakfast and dinner. We drove on a boat, it was beutiful to see Adriatic sea. We walked in old town of Trogir, bought gifts for our parents, friends.. We visited the big department store in Split. Anyway, it was great, the best experience in Croatia. I would visit more countries to improve my language, to see new cultures, to lern something new.

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Niluh 7 March, 2014 - 15:58

I don't travel a lot actually, but trip to Bali and Java is the best trip i've been on. I and my friends traveled to Bali due to school's program, we spent 8 days during my trip to Bali and Java. We took bus from Jakarta to Bali and it took 2 days to arrive in Bali, well it was really exhausting but after we arrived in Bali, i couldn't wait to start a great adventure in this stunning island. We visited some fabulous beaches, tried banana boat, para sailing, and enjoyed sunset in Kuta beach. We also watched the most famous traditional dances from Bali, we watched Barong in the afternoon and Kecak dance in the evening, things were interesting while i was watching both dances is when the dancers were trying to hurt their bodies with blade but believe it or not they didn't get hurt at all, that was because they have owned by spirits.

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Fatime143 7 March, 2014 - 14:32

İ have never been in Morocco.İ never been in different places but i would like visited Mecca and Medina.

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