You get more marks for using a good range of vocabulary. This means you should not repeat the same words lots of times but you should have a variety of words in your writing task. 

  • Don’t always repeat the same words. Use synonyms or antonyms.

  • Use adverbs and adjectives to make your writing more interesting.

  • Think about the style of what you are writing and how formal or informal it is. Choose your vocabulary carefully depending on who the reader is.

Have a look at this text which uses a lot of descriptive language. Look at this blog post to see how to use informal language or this film review to focus on the vocabulary needed for writing reviews. 


Do you think about using a good variety of words in writing exams? 



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Andrii 18 January, 2021 - 10:38

I always try not to repeat the words and use synonyms instead of repeating. But you should improve your vocabulary so you can use more synonyms.

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Raysan 23 September, 2019 - 15:37

It is so important to have a good variety of words. Like a lot of my friends, they write the passage in our language, then translate it into English. But the big problem here is that they don't know many words, so they can't translate their passages into English well.
Or another example is that some times you have to write essays about science, economics, politics, etc..., right? You have to know a lot of scientific words, such as photosynthesis, chlorophyll, chloroplast, etc...

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