Class Clown

Everyone thinks Chloe’s life is easy just because she gets good marks at school. Life is very different for her neighbour Craig. At school the other students laugh at him and at home his dad is always telling him off, but one day Chloe discovers Craig’s special talent …


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the short film and do the exercises to check your understanding.


Chloe (narrator):  Everyone thinks my life is a piece of cake. They think my life’s a beach. Just because I get good grades they think I have it easy. It could be worse, at least I’m not Craig. Everyone else in this place belongs somewhere. If you’re a Jock, an Emo or a girlie girl then you find that others like you and you stick together. I don’t fit in anywhere.
Teacher: This morning, Stephano and Trinculo: the role of the clowns in Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’.
Craig: Sorry I’m late, Miss.
Teacher: Oh, Craig, Right on cue.
Chloe (narrator):  Everyone calls Craig the class clown, but not in a good way. This place is like a circus, but Craig’s not the clown.
Teacher: Chloe Davies! Daydreaming is not permitted.
Chloe: Did you get your results this morning?
Craig: Yeah.
Chloe: I heard the shouting.
Craig: Dad was just encouraging me.
Chloe: He shouldn’t treat you like that.
Craig: It’s not really any of your business.
Chloe (narrator): Craig’s not a clown, he’s a puppet. His dad pulls the strings.
Teacher: This morning, Shakespeare’s genius: juggling comedy and tragedy. Ah, Craig!
Chloe: Craig, catch it!
Craig: Thanks.
Chloe: For what?
Craig: For what you said yesterday. My dad shouldn’t treat me like that. So I went home and told him.
Chloe: How did he take it?
Craig: Not very well. See you later.
Chloe: Craig.
Craig: Yeah?
Chloe: Can you teach me how to do that?
Craig: Sure, no problem. Bye.
Chloe (narrator): Everybody thinks my life is a piece of cake. They think my life’s a beach. It’s not. My life’s a juggling act.


Can you juggle? What could you teach someone else to do? What would you like to learn how to do?

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Submitted by CherryBlossomEnglish on Fri, 03/09/2018 - 11:10

I am good at juggling. But I can't learn anybody because of their different coordinations. By the way, I made an English site like this one, and I would like to share it if it is eligible for your House Rules.
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Submitted by Jonathan - Coo… on Sat, 03/10/2018 - 01:51

Hi CherryBlossomEnglish. I'm sorry that we don't allow users to advertise of other sites. But good luck with your blog. It sounds like a great project. :)

Best wishes,

Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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