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Submitted by kara özge on Mon, 04/15/2024 - 08:13

Kolpaçino is one of the funniest Turkish filme series. The first movie released in
29 November 2009. Lead role is Safak Sezer, supporting leads are Aydemir Akbas and Ali Çatalbaş. This movie produced by three directors, there are Atil Inac, Kamil Getin and safak Sezer.
This movie talk about extraordinary events.
that happen
to seven intercomected funny. characters in one day. Safak seze's Kolpaçino movie broke the viewing record of recent years with 1 million 698 thousand viewers. It became their most watched project.
I highly reccomended to you watch this movie. You can sure that you do not to regret. This movie can be the funniest movie have you ever watch

Submitted by inek şaban on Mon, 04/15/2024 - 07:46

Today we will review and criticise about hababam sınıfı. The subject is that a few students in a class misbehave and irritate their teachers. Actually, this is not a movie, it is adapted from the book written by Rifat Ilgaz. This movie was released as a series and its first movie was released in 1974. And the last movie was released in 2020.

This movie has a lot of loved and laughing characters.
These characters are present;
Badi ekrem,damat ferit,domdom ali,ertuğrul bilda, güdük necmi,hafize ana,hayta ismail,kel mahmut,tulum hayri, and most populer character is inek saban.

The person who plays this character is Kemal Sunal and is very loved in real life as in the movie. Although years have passed, this movie is unforgettable and can be watched again every time and a nostalgic moment is lived.

Submitted by Berat Tugra Torun on Mon, 04/15/2024 - 07:38

Sivas is a drama movie, Sivas won both the Best Editing Award and the Special Jury Award at the Golden Orange Film Fastival in 2014. The film director is shoan Midaci.

Film actors Doga Izci, Banu Fotocan, Ozan Celik
Plot of the movie, the like of 11 yeor old main character Aslan consists of going to school in their small village and speding time with his friends the rest of the time; His biggest problem is his love for Ayse, with whom he studies in the same class. One day, Aslan allends one of the dog fights, which is a popular activity where they live, and encounters a poor, abondoned kangal dog named Sivas, who lost the fight, got injured and collapsed,

The film was shot in Yozgat Yenikoy district, and most at the actors are local people. The entire team did a commendable job in this film that smells at effart.

I recommend this movie, it is a very good drama movie. If you like watching drama movies, don’t miss it. I think you should watch.

Submitted by aycauzz1 on Tue, 06/07/2022 - 18:49

Incompatible. One of the best action movies I've ever seen

Submitted by Rhylan on Tue, 04/19/2022 - 18:54

Don't look up is top science-fiction movie in recent months. Released in 2022, the main star in the movie is Leonardo di Caprio as doctor Randall Mindey. The plot involves a astronomy doctor and him student who discover comet. They think that this comet will be destroyed our planet and try to avoid it. But whether will help to shun this situation ? The saundtrack is excellent and middle of the film Ariana Grande performs incredible concert with movie music for Look up. Also quality is perfect. I would highly recommend Don't look up, especially you like science-fiction films. You will enjoy the film so much and you don't understand how time is past.

Submitted by vctrdmtrvn on Fri, 03/18/2022 - 06:42

Triangle Triangle is a thriller. It released in 2009. Melissa George plays the main role here. It is directed by Christopher Smith. The plot involves an ordinary woman Jess who treats her child quite cruelly. One day her friend Greg invites her to yacht. A group of friends gets caught in a storm, after that they get on ship where cycles of terrible actions happen to them. These cycles are the reason of name of film. There are spectacular special effects, amazing and disturbing change of events and good acting. But to be honest, sometimes this film can be monotonous because of idea of repeating events. Big part of actions are in the sea, in the empty ship. To sum up, Triangle is an exciting film where cycles symbolise circles of hell. Monotony accentuates suffering, this film is for people who like thrillers and unusual turns of events. You will love this, if you want to think about riddle that reveals multivariance of punishment for human sins.

Submitted by TheNewGuy on Fri, 07/16/2021 - 08:44

"Mais où est donc passée la Septième Compagnie?" is a French World War 2 comedy film about three soldiers in the seventh communications division, hence the name of the movie. The main plot is that these three soldiers go scout around when the entire seventh division is discovered and captured by German troops. The three soldiers must find back the seventh division and free it from German hands!
Profile picture for user JohnC103

Submitted by JohnC103 on Tue, 07/06/2021 - 03:09

The Midway battle Remake the battle at the Midway island when the Pacific War begin. The film is so cool when you watch it as you are in the battle, holding machine guns, fly the planes, shoot some downs, throwing bombs and even more. The film talks about the Japanese starts to attack USA aircraft carriers. A group of decrypt password, found that Japan is going to invade Midway. In the film, the US air force use Douglas SBD Dauntless and Grumman F6F Hellcat to throw bombs and torpedoes. I recommend that you must watch this film so you may learn about history very much.
Profile picture for user aquamarina

Submitted by aquamarina on Fri, 01/29/2021 - 04:17

h2o just add water is the best film ever i love this i love mermaids

Submitted by Msharymnn on Mon, 12/14/2020 - 21:19

The film that I’ve recently seen is the terminal it’s very good and creative and above all it’s based on true story it’s about a man that goes to America and while he was on the plane his country got on a civil war and his passport turned not usefuel and he can’t get in Ameruca so he lives in the airport and work to eat and I don’t want to tell you much about it so go watch it
Profile picture for user Giovannichoi

Submitted by Giovannichoi on Fri, 05/01/2020 - 04:44

I think the "Percy Jackson: and the Lightning Thief" is one of the greatest action and fantasy movie. The original series are the novel, but the movie series are as exciting as the books. In this film, Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, and Brandon T. Jackson have roled each as 'Percy Jackson', 'Annabeth Chase', and 'Grover Underwood'. They are very interesting characters. Percy is the son of Poseidon, Grover-satyr, and Annabeth is the daughter of Athena. Personally, I like Percy the best in the film and novel, because there is a lot of action scenes for him. The plot is like this: One day Percy and his friend Grover met the evil monster amth teacher, Dodds, who is Fury, the kindly ones. Dodds attacked Percy, demanding for the master bolt of Zeus. At that time, Mr Brunner interrupt them, killing Mrs. Dodds. And he gave Percy the magic pen, Riptide(Anklausmos). And they all go to the Camp half-blood, but the monster "Minotaur" killed Percy's mother, sally. Anyway, they entered the camp and do 'Capture the Flag'. At there, Percy and his the other friends were known that he is the son of Poseidon. after that, Hades showed Percy that Sally is alive in the underworld. So he started his adventure to take her back from Hades. Annabeth and Grover joined him and find the pearls which can return from anywhere. First pearl was in the bracelet of Medusa, Second was on the crown of the Athena's sculpture, and last one was used by the bead of the blackjack game, from Lotus Casino. And he met Hades, showing he's not having the bolt, but there was it inside the shield. Persephone attacked Hades using it, and Percy came back to the Olympus. Finally he stop the "WORLD WAR 3" of the gods!

Submitted by Elife on Tue, 02/18/2020 - 23:57

I was watching a film called "Xena: Warrior Princess - Destiny" For me, it's a great series, because it has action, adventure, drama and comedy. In fact, last week I looked at her and I loved her, the adventures of Xena along with her friend Gabrielle, two warriors, inseparable friends who fight against injustices.

Submitted by Thu on Sun, 09/01/2019 - 07:57

I was watching a film called "The Secret Life Of Pets 2", it's a cartoon, of course, pets also are a cartoon. It's about the pets that can talk, and the main characters are two brown dogs. These two boys are Max and Duke, and the owner has just had a son. One of 2 dogs-Max, at first he was afraid to live with the children, but the son of the owner is too cute. And then he realizes he was fall in love with him, and the baby needs to go to the kindergarten. Max very afraid about his safety, because in part 1, he was sawing the outside world is too dangerous. He started to become too outrageous until he met a brave dog. His name is Chicken, that's a funny scene. Duke told Chicken about the status of Max, so then he started training for Max. And in the end, Max let the baby go. There are many other funny scenes in this film. You guys can watch, too. That will be a great choice. ; >

Submitted by ayala on Fri, 08/23/2019 - 00:54

Review of End Game, Avengers In this movie “End Game” the avengers come together to defeat Thanos once and for all after losing. After half of the universe was eliminated the avengers tried to find a solution but for that they need the help of ant-man. He gaved them the clue to travel in time and so collect the different gems of infinity to restore the universe. In mi opinion the movie gives us a final tribute to the entire saga and at the same time such an incredible moments like when Capitan America raises the hammer of Thor and Hulk and Iron Man carry the gauntlet of infinity. They also created the greatest crossover of the entire history and make the audience feel connected to the movie at that point that make us feel there. The only thing i didn’t like of the movie is that they left behind some main characters and focus on others with not big importance but apart from that it was the best movie i saw in my life. I really enojoyed it and i hope they continue to make more movies like this.
Profile picture for user Walther22Wolff

Submitted by Walther22Wolff on Thu, 07/11/2019 - 09:53

"Shazam!" It's a modern superhero plot, it could be one of the best movies of the year if it were not with so much competition. The character Billy Batson desperately searches for his mother, where in this version of the superhero, he lost her at the age of eight years old at a fair, although they tell her that she left him and he keeps looking for her. Despite being different from the comic version, and in addition to having an unoriginal argument, it shows that you do not need it to stand out and get to make a place among someone's favorite movie. Billy Batson acquires his powers when a former sorcerer seeks someone pure of heart to save the world of the 7 sins, which have been released, can he with that responsibility? The soundtrack manages to immerse yourself in the film, adapting to the scene and creating an environment to concentrate better on what happens The performance of each actor comes out of the everyday of the superheroes although we find common scenes, others manage to show us a film a little different from the normal ones of the subject I would recommend "Shazam!" Especially to people who are fanatical about superheroes and who, really, will be amazed
Profile picture for user Frangarrio

Submitted by Frangarrio on Tue, 07/09/2019 - 21:53

Godzilla King of the Monsters is an American film belonging to the genres of action, fantasy, monsters and adventures. Directed by Michael Dougherty and starring Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, Millie Bobby Brown, Bradley Whitford, Sally Hawkins, Charles Dance, Ken Watanabe and Zhang Ziyi. Godzilla is a Japanese monster that first appeared in 1954. Since then, it has been part of the entertainment culture of the most famous monsters in cinema. Another huge monster called King Ghidorah, known as the great three-headed dragon faces Godzilla, to discover who is the true king of monsters. Cryptozoologists from the Monarch agency try to confront a group of huge monsters. Between all they try to resist to the attacks of Mothra, Rodan or King Ghidorah. These creatures will do everything possible to survive, endangering people on the planet. This film will bring together four major threats that ensure a unique battle. The third film was created by "Legendary Pictures" and "Warner Bros." I like Godzilla movies because it has great effects, and amazing 3D models of titans with amazing moments. It is one of the most famous films of 2019.

Submitted by Zholiktop on Thu, 02/07/2019 - 13:26

Avengers: Infinity war is the best action and superhero film in recent years. Released in 2018, it stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans and other actors as superheroes and Josh James Brolin as villain Thanos. The plot involves a titan Thanos who wants to collect all of infinity stone in order to arrange genocide, but avengers want to prevent it and safe not only Earth, but all galaxy too. Infinity glove can control power of infinity stones and if Thanos collects all stone pieces, he can destroy the worlds at the click of a finger. Can they stop him before he clicks? There is good atmosphere in the film. Every soundtrack is impressive and relevant to scene. The acting is on the highest level. There are a lot off excellent special effects. I would recommend this film to everyone, especially if you are keen on action and superhero films and a fan of Marvel studio.

Submitted by francopereira12 on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 01:33

Toy Story is one of the best animation films in fifteen years. Released in 1955 and produces by Pixar. It star Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, Tom Hanks as Sheriff Woody and John Morris as Andy Davis. The plot involves a family that moves out of the house and the toys make a meeting to prepare the last details of the move. At the end of this meeting remember that this day was Andy´s birthday and they are afraid of being replaced by others. Are they going to be replaced by others? This movie was the most seen in the United States and Canada. In total collect more than 191 million dollars in both countries and more than 131 at the international level. The soundtrack is exciting and relaxing and includes the theme song “You have got a friend in me” performed by Randy Newman. This performance is complicated and the characters life is hard because he has to interact with toys. I recommend this movie if you like animation films and it is very good to reflect on how people relate to each other because it is not always with people.

Submitted by facu10huracan on Fri, 11/16/2018 - 23:18

Film review: real steel Real Steel is a science fiction story released in 2011. It stars Hugh Jackman as “Charlie”, an ex-boxer that participates in fights between robots, and Dakota Goyo as Max Kenton, Charlie´s son. The plot involves a father that does not have a good relationship with his son and participates in robots´ fights to earn money. This father has the chance to meet his son again and spends some time with him because Max´s aunt who has the custody of the kid is on holiday. Max finds a little robot called Atom and trains him with the father. Will Atom become the best fighting robot? Will Charlie recover his child? The film is set in one location, the American state of Michigan. The soundtrack is outstanding and some of the artists who participate are Eminem, Royce, Tom Morello, among others. The acting is also of a very high standard and the acting of Dakota is fantastic because he is very committed with his role. I would highly recommend real steel, especially if you are keen on action or science fiction films. It you will not get up from your seat until it's over and I am sure you will not stop watching it.

Submitted by Giuligiunti35 on Thu, 11/15/2018 - 12:19

MATILDA Matilda is one of the best comedy and fantasy films.Released in 1996, it stars Mara Wilson is a girl who develops extraordinary mental capacity and Pam ferris in the roll of trunchbull, is the villain in this film. The plot involves Matilda is a lovely girl with a good temper, her parents, Harry and Zinnia are irresponsible because they do not take care of her properly. This is because they were busy in their work and in their frivolous lives, they hardly noticed that they had a daughter.Can will he get ahead? The film is set in United States. The soundtrack is run by david newman, and the most popular son is “Little Bitty Pretty One”. his acting was impeccable despite his age. I would highly recommend Matilda,especially if you like comedies and magic.

Submitted by Pilar on Wed, 11/14/2018 - 23:50

The Duff The film ´The Duff´ is based on the book with the same name by Harry Styles. The filmed was directed by Ari Sandel and Kody keplinger. It starts Mae Whitman as Bianca and Robbie amell as Wes Ley, her neighborhood. The film is set in the United States in 2014 but is premier in 2015. It was filmed on location the United States and is a comedy film. The Duff is about student of high school who is in the last year and her group of friend put she a name ´the girl ugly and fat´. She realizes about that, so Bianca asks for help to her pretty and sporty neighborhood to change her look and get a date with Toby, her platonic relationship. I strongly recommend that film because it has drama and comedy. It´s a good film for teens because it has a good message for high school students.

Submitted by AGUSTINAP on Tue, 11/13/2018 - 00:41

Wall-e is one of the best Robots film. Directed by Andrew Stanton and produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. The plot follows a robot called WALL E, who was designed to clean the rubbish that covers the Earth after it was ruined by human beings. He falls in love with EVA, another robot type, which is sent to the planet to investigate if there are signs of life. Once she reaches her goal, EVA quickly goes to the ship called, Axiom. WALL E follows her to outer space. The film was set in United Estates. The Soundtrack is from the 2008 Disney-Pixar film of the same name by Walt Disney Records on June 24, 2008. I would higly recomend Wall-e if you like the adventures and robots. Iam sure you ‘ll like it a lot
Profile picture for user Tina - Coordinator

Submitted by Tina - Coordinator on Tue, 11/13/2018 - 09:17

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Submitted by AGUSTINAP on Thu, 11/15/2018 - 01:56

Thanks, yes. I want to talk about the soundtrack of the film that it was 2008 Disney-Pixar of the same name. Directed by Walt Disney Records on June

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Submitted by Delfi236 on Thu, 11/08/2018 - 21:56

Review English Cinderella(2015) Cinderella (2015) it’s a retelling of the classic fairy tale, the classic animated movie, in live action form. Starring by Lily James and directed by Kenneth Branagh I found this movie very entertaining. The movie follows the story of Ella whose father remarries after her mom’s death. Ella welcomes her new stepmother and her daughters, Anastasia and Drisella into her home. But when her father suddenly passes away, she discovered the cruelty of her new family. One day she meets a stranger in the woods, she didn’t know the he is really a prince; Ella feels that she has met a kindred soul. It appears as if her fortunes may be change when the palace sends an open invitation for all the ladies to attend a ball. Ella’s stepmother forbids her to attend, but as all fairy tales help is near as a kindly woman… I love this film, I doubt it can be bettered. I highly recommend it, because it is well acted and it’s fun for the whole family. Finally I can say that Cate Blanchett, Lily James and Helena Bonham Carter were amazing in their roles.

Submitted by JereGior on Thu, 11/08/2018 - 18:38

I think the best movie of action and science fiction was Pacific of the Rim. It was released in 2013 and it stars Charlie Hunnman as a machine’s pilot or Jaeger, Raliegh Becket and Mana Ashido in the role of Mako Mori, his machine´s couple pilot. The plots involve Kaijus who are a big beasts. They try to destroy the world and the couple of Becket and Ashido, and other Jaegers, has to prevent this from happening. There are a lot of action scenes and epic fights as the Jaegers pursues they around the world. This film was set in Hong Kong and the soundtrack is so exciting and includes part of the song of the main theme created by Ramin Djawadi. The acting is also of computer effects and Ashido bring his life with a tragic performance. I would highly recommend Pacific of the Rim, especially for the lover of action, robots and fights, and can be recommended for person who are interesting on the science and machines. It will you on the edge of your seat until the end and I am sure you are going to like it and see it again.

Submitted by mariela on Thu, 10/25/2018 - 18:17

Artificial Inteligence is one of the best cince fiction films. Released in 2001, it stars Halley Joel Osmet as David who is a robot-boy and Brendan Gleeson in the role of Lord Johnson-Johnson, the villan in this film. The plot involves a flood produced by the global warming. The necessity of food produce that the cybertronics's company make robots-children who can love to their adoptive families. Can these families love too? The film is set in the location of United Estates. The soundtrack includes the music performed by John Williams who won an award. The acting is impressed and Jude Law won a golden globe for the best actor in the film because his performance is excellent. I would higly recomend Artificial Intelligence, if you are a big fan of cience fiction films and the robots. I'm pretty sure that you won't regret of watch this film.

Submitted by iglesiasjuli on Tue, 11/13/2018 - 22:26

The terminator is one of the best action and science fiction flims. Released in 1984, it stars Arnold Shwarzenegger, the villian in this film. The plot involves a terminator is a killer cyborg sent trought time to kill Sarah Connor. Kyle Reese, a soldier also sent from the future with the mission to protect Sarah. Can he get it? The film is set in the location of Los Angeles, California and The soundtrack includes music reformed by Brad Fiedel. The acting is very good and because of the success they become more. I would highly recommend the terminator if you like robots and fights. Im sure you will not regret waching it.

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Submitted by lauti_delma on Thu, 09/06/2018 - 11:09

Review the book of life The book of life is a movie from 2014 and is one of the best animated films. The story begins with a group of five children punished and a museum guide, this teaches a secret room dedicated to Mexican folklore, within which is "the Book of Life." She tells them a story about the book about a relationship between the three friends Manolo, Joaquin and Maria. Manolo to know that Maria leaves for Spain to educate himself, concentrates on his career as a bullfighter, but this later will not be possible because of his sensitive heart. the story takes place in the city of "San Angel", the world of the remembered and the world of the forgotten. I recommend this film, because it has two teachings that caught my attention, the first is true love never dies and the second is anyone can die, but you need courage to live. Lautaro
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Submitted by Tina - Coordinator on Mon, 09/10/2018 - 09:03

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Submitted by milotoffalo on Thu, 09/06/2018 - 11:04

We are talking a book of life. this movie is about two best friends fight for the love of a woman, one of them is a musician and other is a soldier.Different from everything that has been seen in animated films. I really liked the animation style and the story itself.It's a wonderful Mexican movie. I liked a lot. Milo Toffalo

Submitted by nmmpm2018 on Wed, 09/05/2018 - 16:30

REVIEW OF “THE BOOK OF LIFE” “The book of life” is a cartoon and rom-com film. Released in 2014 created by Jorge R. Gutierrez. The story begins with a group of five children punished and a museum guide. The museum guide showed a mistery book, the book of life. The book talking about history of Mexico. One of the histories talking about three friends, Manolo Sanchez, Joaquin Mondragon and Maria Posadas. Manolo and Joaquin competing over the love of Maria. The tradition of the Sanchez is be a bullfighter, but Manolo wants be a musician. The film is set in many locations: San Angel, The land of the remembered and The land of the forgotten. The soundtrack is very cool, accompanies the movie. I recommend it because it is a movie for all ages, is very funny and emotional at the same time. Nicolas M. and Martin P.M.
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Submitted by Tina - Coordinator on Mon, 09/10/2018 - 09:08

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Submitted by milotoffalo on Wed, 09/05/2018 - 16:20

this movie is about two best friends who fight for the love of a woman, one of them is a musician and the other is a fighter. I was impressed with its wonderful plot and excellent special effects.

Submitted by durama on Wed, 09/05/2018 - 16:18

Review of "The Book of Life" The book of Life is a film of Manolo, a youngish man who wants to fulfil the expectations of this family but also to follow his heart. He goes on an adventure It's an animated film. In this film Manolo figt with Joaquín( his friend) for the hand of María. Mateo and Nicolas
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Submitted by maru on Wed, 09/05/2018 - 16:13

We are talking about "The Book of Life". The movie is the best animated film what we have ever see. This is about a legend that happens in Mexico where the world of the dead was divided into two. The world of the forgotten and the world of the remembered. This story covers different situations that the characters live. These charactes are Manolo; who descendant of bullfigthers, Maria; daughter of the mayor of the town, Joaquin; son of the hero of the town.They are friends since they were childhood. What will happen between them? We recommend this movie because, the scenary and re special effects are very incredible! The characters are well producer and also their environment. The movie is very entertaining and funny. Anyway, the movie has some morals for the real life. Marsol, L y. Nicolas, A
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Submitted by ana9701 on Wed, 09/05/2018 - 15:52

The book of life it is a story like a legend of two childrens, Manolo and Joaquín, who live in a traditional Mexican town and compete for the love of María. Behind that bet are also two spirits, La Muerte and Xibalba, who will take part for each young man, tipping the scales for some of them to know who will conquer the sweet Maria. We would recommend it because it is a very beautiful story and has a very striking message Lara, Analia, Carolina
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Submitted by Tina - Coordinator on Mon, 09/10/2018 - 08:23

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Submitted by GlebGrunichev on Thu, 06/21/2018 - 11:18

"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" is a new fantasy action film. Owen Grady (Chris Pratt ) and Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) are going to save dinosaurs. This is a really fantastic film. In the beginning of the plot, Eli Mills is organising an expedition to save dinosaurs. But when they save the dinosaurs, there are some problems. Also, the grand-daughter of the company's director understands a terrible thing about herself! But the dinosaurs ran away. What is going to happen next? This film is a rebirth of the first part. It is very amazing because it is really hard to make 3D models of dinosaurs and the volcano. The actors perform well, too. I really advise you to see this film because it is interesting and sometimes spooky, but the combination makes the best films.
Profile picture for user Jonathan - Coordinator

Submitted by Jonathan - Coo… on Fri, 06/22/2018 - 02:19

Good review, GlebGrunichev. This film is showing at the cinema now. I'll check it out :)

Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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