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Saturday, 14 July, 2018 - 06:08

Lessons learned from living abroad

by ElsaBlogger2017

Here are the top ten things I've learned from living in Germany and Austria this year.

1. Taking a chance will be the best thing you've ever done! I was feeling unsure about moving from Cologne (where I was in my first semester) to Vienna (where I spent my second semester) as I thought it can't get any better – but really it did.

2. The weather in England is a joke! I didn't realise how bad it was until I now have this incredible European weather to compare it to.

3. The more you do, the easier it becomes! At first I found listening to or speaking German all the time exhausting, but the more I did, the less tired I became.

4. You appreciate your home cuisine so much. The phrase, 'You don't know what you've got till it's gone', is so true. I found myself dreaming about classic English foods like Marmite, Yorkshire puddings and Cadbury's chocolate.

5. Finally hearing your native language sounds magical. Even hearing the self-checkout voice in English at the supermarket made me feel nostalgic. Never did I think 'unexpected item in the bagging area' would bring me any other emotion than annoyance!

6. Keeping up with both languages is difficult. I found myself forgetting English words. Bilingual? More like byelingual.

7. We're all the same. I've met people from all around the world and I've learned that regardless of gender or nationality, we all have kindness within us.

8. And yet we all have our quirks and traditions but we can share them with each other and spread the happiness and joy.

9. Language learning is hard. There's so much vocabulary and then comes slang and then comes dialect and add accent on top of that. But it's so worth it. It's the most satisfying feeling to understand and participate in a conversation.

10. Thanks to technology we can create a home from home. I can FaceTime my family and have them 'with me' on my adventures. My year abroad has been an amazing journey and it's taught me so much, not only about other cultures but also about myself. I would thoroughly recommend spending time abroad. I've only just touched on the advantages as they are endless! So do it, take that leap of faith into the unknown and start your own enriching and empowering experience.

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Would you like to live abroad?

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Submitted by Animeci_Afton on Sun, 01/08/2023 - 11:31

Yes, I want to go abroad and study there.

Submitted by Wirus201 on Wed, 01/26/2022 - 14:34

I want to leave my country but sometimes visit my parents and relatives. I will be able to practice English better. There are more prospects abroad than in our country. I will be able to find a profession that will be interesting to me.
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Submitted by MishMish on Mon, 09/06/2021 - 20:22

I'm already living abroad and can say it has changed my perception of life. I had challenges and perks as the author of the article said.

Submitted by ikvsksmird on Mon, 03/30/2020 - 15:46

I would not like to live abroad because I want to live in Latvia forever.

Submitted by Robloxgamingchannel on Fri, 03/27/2020 - 12:50

Honestly, I would love to be living abroad. It is just such an amazing experience that will benefit you a lot in life. You get the chance to live out other country cultures, get to now their people, understand their politics and rules, find new job opportunities, and in one word, get the chance to live out different life than you already have. And why is this important? Because you get impressions, experiences , and understandings about where you want to set your future life.

Submitted by ingand on Mon, 06/08/2020 - 08:26

Me too, I have always wanted to go to the US or France. I just believe that it would be to hard to learn a language while studying. I feel like my grades would go down.

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Submitted by snipsnap on Fri, 03/27/2020 - 11:23

I think that going abroad would be a great experience to learn a new language, culture, enjoy climate change, meet new people and become more independent. Abroad I would definitely live alone and the biggest change would be that i wouldn't see family for a long time .Another reason I want to live abroad is work. Working abroad would bring more income, as well as new experiences in this environment. :)

Submitted by Arturs2013 on Fri, 03/27/2020 - 10:21

I would like to live abroad, because it offers new opportunities new people and especially new adventures. You could learn a new language or maybe experience their culture. Best reason to live abroad for me is great climate and new career opportunities that offer more options and better working conditions. The biggest challenge I face when going abroad is that i sometimes miss my country and when you are living abroad it's harder to meet your relatives and friends.

Submitted by Palace on Fri, 03/27/2020 - 10:02

At first living somewhere else is quit difficult because all you've ever know'n was home , i have made many new friends from across the globe. Talking to one and other and keeping the conversation alive will help you see how much you have in common with the world. And also you can learn from people that might be very different from you! i have been to certain places and have became more independent and open-minded.

Submitted by chefa12 on Thu, 03/26/2020 - 02:36

Consider that living in an unknown area is difficult because selling our comfort zone and if there are many fears, but it is one of my dreams and more than thinking about it I think about discovering new things, about the wonders that other cultures can provide. and how satisfying it will be to discover and learn.

Submitted by GenericUsername on Wed, 03/25/2020 - 15:05

Well... looking at the fact that i'm not much of a traveler and very much enjoy the place i live, i think i'm fine with where i am and prefer to stay here. I can completely understand the appeal of the magical idea of living somewhere foreign, but to me personally that dream sounds like a nightmare, mostly do to the reality of it being quite different then the idealized version, especially if travelling isn't your cup of tea, which it definitely isn't for me, it's a tea i'd spit out immediately, so to speak.

Submitted by xdmatissxd on Wed, 03/25/2020 - 12:46

Okay living abroad is great experience, but It's not meant for everyone. Living abroad gives you a bigger perspective of other country culture. I think we should learn a little bit about other country's cultures but right now we can only learn about them mainly travelling or living abroad. Living abroad is new experience for your relatives and friends as well, because they will have reason to fly away from their comfort zone and meet new culture. I'm only positive about living abroad, but I don't think It's meant for everyone like I said.

Submitted by yesso on Tue, 03/24/2020 - 18:18

I definitely want to live abroad in the future. My favourite destination is and will always be Spain, because of the culture and the feeling of belonging. You will always be welcome there and the locals are easy-going, full of happiness and caring about each other. In the country I'm living I sometimes just don't feel the personal growth and maybe even experience the feeling of not belonging... it's hard to put up with the negations around. Of course, we have great traditions and the nature is amazing. I am thankful for that! Since I have lived abroad for two years - I can admit that it gives you a thrilling experience! You improve your language and meet friends for life. The only problem is that you will always belong to your home country and will miss it very much after the first three months. In my opinion it is worth it to live abroad and return to your home country after a few years.

Submitted by springgirl18 on Tue, 03/24/2020 - 10:47

I think it would be interesting to live abroad, but given that i don't like being in a foreign place for a long time, then i would be willing to try to stay for about two weeks in a different country. I would like to get to know the culture of other nations and meet new fantastic people. It would be so much fun!

Submitted by ErnestocheGuevara on Tue, 03/24/2020 - 09:16

I think that moving to another country can offer new opportunities and new careers, as well as a new direction. It definetly gives you the opportunity to leave your past behind and reinvent yourself, but leaving your homeland might not be the best solution if you can reach your goals without moving away.

Submitted by hamster119 on Tue, 03/24/2020 - 08:39

I think living abroad would broaden your mind and you can experience a lot of different life situations which could help you to be more independent and of course living in different country you will learn about their culture, language and traditional foods.

Submitted by MartinsA on Tue, 03/24/2020 - 08:01

I think it would be great experience because it would be a good change of scenery.

Submitted by mazaissusurins on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 16:34

I would love to live abroad,it sound interesting and quite fun,but of course at first it would be difficult. After sometime I wouldn't feel like a tourist,but that's just how it is at first.I think it could be so good to change where you live, because then you can be thankful for what you have already.

Submitted by NetomsNelaugalis on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 14:09

I think that it could be a unique experience living and studying in a different country and learning almost completely new language. I don't have anything against living abroad but personally I just don't think it's for me.

Submitted by Mimulis on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 13:20

Living abroad is the best way to experience another countries culture fully and i would like to try it someday. I believe these points you made are very true and anyone who has lived abroad can relate to them. Like you said taking a chance will be the best thing you've ever done.

Submitted by juanvillanueva on Wed, 02/05/2020 - 16:32

I think that speaking other languaje since the mother tongue is important and can confuse the two languages ​​but being a long time you get used to and adapts to the country, culture and language

Submitted by nicole1309 on Wed, 02/05/2020 - 16:31

Yes, because abroad there are more job opportunities, study, etc...

Submitted by Happy on Wed, 10/23/2019 - 09:35

Certainly, prefer staying abroad specifically UK to improve my English

Submitted by AlejandraArias on Fri, 08/02/2019 - 02:20

I think that living abroad is a very good opportunity of life, to have a good job, but I love my country Colombia so I prefer to stay here, obviously I want to know different countries, and learn about the culture, but my decision is stay here in Colombia

Submitted by ELBENJU12 on Wed, 07/31/2019 - 02:25

ABSOLLUTELY!!! living abroad is one of my biggest dreams but in the near future is not possible so i am thinking to apply to an exchange program when i enter the college in order to discover many amazing places around the world an be a more competitive individual in my laboral aspect.

Submitted by 17012003 on Wed, 07/31/2019 - 01:48

Of course would like to study abroad, because is a great and amazing opportunity to learn more, learn many things about your career, learn new languages, learn about culture and many other things. Study abroad is also a way to scape from your reality if it is bad, it will relax you, you are going to visit new places and have new experiences. IT IS THE BEST WAY TO EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS.

Submitted by 17771 on Wed, 07/31/2019 - 01:26

To start, I feel that this experience is very good, but at the same time it is very tedious, therefore you have to know how to handle it. This experience catches my attention especially if it's about learning new things. One of the places that interests me most to study outside the country is France because of the culture , the people , And because I would also like to learn French. Juliana D 11A

Submitted by 17771 on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:36

i think is a good experience because i learn a lot of things and i would like to go to France because is an amazing country because of the culture people and i would like to learn french.

Submitted by majito10 on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:32

yes, i would like to abroad because i think that is a new experience and help to learn a new idiom. i want to take the abroad in France because i want to learn french.

Submitted by gabs18 on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:31

yes, i had the dream to live in another country when i get graduated to practice my English and if it is possible why not to study?

Submitted by 1091808 on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:31

For the question. would I like to live abroad? yes i want to study abroad i see places like USA or SPAIN. i like the cultures, the diferent places, the arquitecture, the art and the design that are in the others countries. something that i dont like is the process that you have to do in some times is very dificult but live abroad is a good oportunity for your future.

Submitted by towerss on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:31

i want to study abroad, i would like to study in United States or Canada because i want to lear english very well in order to earn some time in the university, i think new york is an amazing city and i would like to study there

Submitted by bicepsflexionados on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:30

Teacher i cant do it in my email so i took this account for do my own comment. A S T Rosero I think that studying abroad coud be so funny because of the differents cultures, cuisine, tradicions and people. I would like to go Canada because of the people and education. Also because Canada is a good place to live and being a good professional in the area that i would like to specialized that is the Chemistry Engeneering.

Submitted by pez on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:28

yes, i want to study abroad, i Think it is great expierince to learn a lot of things, like a new culture, life-style, language and also to gain responsibility. i would like to life in Italy, Australia or Spain

Submitted by lozanito on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:26

i think that i would like it because its a a very interesting experience where you can know other culture and other traditions, i was thinking to study music in boston USA. but from the otherside i would miss my friends and my family

Submitted by 0lemac on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:26

well, i think that living abroad it coulld be an amazing experience, maybe i´ll be afraid in the beggining, but i really love it go to study in another country, could it be a really gratifying experience that will help me in the future to give me a better life, also, icould learn more about differents cultures and lifestyles, this would be something really amazing, so the answer for the question is yes, i would like to living abroad

Submitted by varg711 on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:26

I would really like to travel to learn English more, but I would not like to work outside the country as well, for the career I want to study that is law, I have to stay in my country. but I don't rule out traveling in the future and getting to know other destinations and other cultures.

Submitted by fenixcacs on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:26

Yes, since I was like 5 or 6 years old I wanted lo leave Colombia to search new oportunities for me and my family. Now the plan to study abroad is focus on Australia, I was searching a lot of information and contacts to begin my experience, I hope to study English during the next to years in Melbourne or Sydney

Submitted by Enanito on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:26

My dream is study abroad, so i want to do it in the future. I want to study in USA to improve my english skills and i think that we have more oportunities studying abroad because that makes in the person changes that are visibles for all te people that contract you in a job.

Submitted by vaa192002 on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:25

Yes, I think that travel abroad is a great experience, it allows you to meet new people, new places and it give you new perspectives of the world. If I have the opportunity to travel abroad I would like to travel to Canada or Brisbane-Australia to improve my english skills and learn about their cultures or if I have the opportunity study my career there.

Submitted by jgjm2791 on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:25

yes, i think that is a new experience that i want to life, but also i think that is most important study a magister or a doctorate in other country, is better and less expensive j g j m - 11°a

Submitted by elpaspilol on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:25

Of course, I would want to! It's just one of the things I have always dreamed to do, I know that moving abroad it's a really difficult situation and the cultural crash it's huge, also that you're gonna miss your parents and friends, the food, everything you have always known won't be where you're gonna be, but after all these thoughts and emotions that I would experience, I'm in, I want to see everything I could, this world is so big, don't you think?

Submitted by pimientanegra on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:25

i want to study abroad because its such a nice experience for everyone that wants to know about new cultures and study a new language and discover and meet new people.

Submitted by Hanna3 on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:25

yes! id like live abroad, its my dream since i was little, my sister study in Austalia and she become a totally diferent person after she came back so i wanna experience the same thing and follow "my dreams" she said its dificult beacuse at the begining she was completelly alone. but its part of the experience to make new friends and meet a lot of new people

Submitted by Aguela3 on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:24

I probably would like to live abroud, but only for a short period of time, i know thta that experience would help me to grow as a person an as a proffesional, but i also know that with the time i will start missing home, all the people i left and all the thinks i had to do before going away . It is a great oportunity, but there is no place like home .

Submitted by Sant on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:24

i think that would be a fantastic experience, but i wouldn´t live abroad for all my life, probably i'll just live abroad for one or two years. Actuallly after i get graduated from highschool, i'll travel to Canada for studying english. Furthermore, I admire all those people who adventure theirself to live abroad, maybe looking for happines or even more economic possibilities. S H Ortiz 11A
Profile picture for user CharaDraemurr

Submitted by CharaDraemurr on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:23

Well You obviously got some comments from our school Anyway I'd obviously like to study (and live) abroad. And I hope I will. I've got several options. (1) USSR; I mean, Russia: I'd like to know it all the way from Калининград to Камчатка. (2) Japan(ese Empire): Oh I absolutely LOVE this country, culture and 日本語 is SO COOL. (3) Europe: This needs no presentation.

Submitted by Kiara16 on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:22

Yes, i would like it, probably because i think that it can be a great experience; you will learn about the country were you are living (the culture and language), and. also, is a good way to learn about yourself and be completely independent for this period of time, something that helps you to grow. Finally living abroad or studing abroad give you a lot of opportunities for your future.

Submitted by Nat_IMP on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:21

I would like a lot to study abroad, I think it could be a great opportunity to improve my language skills and get to learn about a different culture from mine. I hope to find an economic pan of studies that fits perfectly to what I´m searching for, and be able to study in another country for a long period of time.

Submitted by kevin99 on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 17:21

i want to go abroad to study in switzerland because i thnk that my carreer that is geosciences is very uncommon in colombia, so i want to go abroad to improve my qualities as a geoscientific . i think that going abroad is the best thing we can do because we can learn very good and new things to improve our skills
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