Episode 4: Run (B1)

Buddy normally helps Agent Sanders but today he is nervous and unpredictable. What is he going to do? This is the fourth episode of The Survivor.


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Previously on The Survivor ...

Ambulance driver: We've got a survivor here! There's a survivor here!


Nurse Bryson: She is very lucky to be alive. She's in a coma, but we hope she will come out if it.


Officer Garner: Two months ago a bank truck with over two million dollars was robbed. The criminals were never caught and the money disappeared.

Nurse Bryson: What does that have to do with Jane?

Officer Garner: The truck was robbed near that airport.


Agent Kowalski: I know your real name, Agent Sanders.


One hour before the plane crash ...

Agent Sanders: Buddy, hi. Thanks for meeting me. What would you like to drink?

Buddy: I don't want anything to drink. I shouldn't even be here.

Agent Sanders: Calm down, Buddy. Everything is going to be OK.

Buddy: They know. They know about you. They know I've been talking to you.

Agent Sanders: Wait a minute. What are you talking about? Who knows?

Buddy: The other guys from the bank job. The robbery. They know about you. They know you're an FBI agent. They know I've been talking to you.

Agent Sanders: That's ridiculous. Nobody knows about this.

Buddy: They have someone on the inside. At the FBI. Working in your department. I can't believe this. I'm dead. I'm so dead!

Agent Sanders: Relax. Just listen ...

Buddy: No, you listen. I've got the money. Here, in a bag. I'm leaving tonight.

Agent Sanders: You took the money? How?

Buddy: I was there, for the robbery. And I saw where they kept the money and so I took it. Anyway, I'm getting out of here tonight.

Agent Sanders: I can help you. Let me help you. I can ... protect you.

Buddy: Protect me? No, no, no. You don't understand. These guys don't just rob banks. They kill people. And they have a friend in the FBI. Two million dollars is a lot of money, OK? I think that money will keep me safer than your protection.

Agent Sanders: Wait, I ...

Buddy: I just came here to say goodbye because I like you, OK? But if they know I'm talking to you, they are going to kill me. If they know I'm talking to you AND I stole their money ... No way! I'm getting out of here! See you later, Sanders.

Agent Sanders: Wait! Wait!


Agent Kowalski: Hello, Agent Sanders ... I know you can hear me ... Don't worry. I thought we could talk. Just you and me. I need you to wake up, Agent Sanders. I need you to wake up and tell me where the money is. You see, I know it was either you or Buddy who took the money ... Because the money wasn't on the plane. That means someone hid it somewhere before the plane took off. I need to find the money. I'm in trouble with some dangerous people, Sanders. The people who robbed that bank. If I get the money for them, everything will be OK ... And I think you know where the money is. Do you know where it is? I know you can't speak. But perhaps you can move your finger. Here ... just let me put my phone here, under your hand. I want you to tap the phone. One tap means yes. Two taps means no ... Do you understand me? ... You CAN hear me, Sanders. And I think you can move a finger. Answer me ... Fine. Maybe I'll talk to your little brother ... You think I don't know about your little brother? The only family you have left? Oh, we know about him. He lives alone. He hasn't seen you for years. He doesn't have a job ... Maybe I'll pay him a visit and talk to him. Maybe I can make him … help me ...  If you don't answer me right now, I'm getting on a plane to New York. You know what I'll do, right? Good. Good. Let's get started, then.

Nurse Bryson: Hello? Excuse me, what are you doing here?

Agent Kowalski: I'm Agent Kowalski, FBI. Just visiting your patient here.

Nurse Bryson: It's 10 p.m. There are no visitors allowed now.

Agent Kowalski: Of course. Of course. I'll come back later, then. Sorry, I didn't realise the time.

Nurse Bryson: Shall I ask security to show you the exit?

Agent Kowalski: No, that won't be necessary. I can find it myself. Thank you, nurse. And, well, goodbye for now ... Jane.


Did you like this episode? What do you think is going to happen? 

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Submitted by Andrii on Fri, 03/13/2020 - 14:28

I liked this episode and I think Agent Kowalski is related to the robbery. HE IS THE ROBBER!

Submitted by hermione123 on Wed, 03/10/2021 - 13:05

i guess you're right, but i think he helps the robber not fully robs the bank.

In reply to by Andrii

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