The giant chocolate chip cookie

Are you hungry? Try making this easy and delicious giant chocolate chip cookie!


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.


We're making cookies. We're making cookies, but we're not even turning the oven on! I can't tell you how excited this recipe makes me!
My giant one-pan cookie is deliciously gooey – the easiest you'll ever make and so much fun.
We are going to fry, like, really slowly fry, our cookie in a frying pan. I'm not even going to turn the oven on. The secret to making this is, be prepared.
For this foolproof dough, grab one bowl for dry ingredients, another for wet.
I've got my egg. Going to crack that straight in there. Almond extract. And then vanilla extract. Give it a whisk and we're already on to the dry, starting with 225g of plain flour, half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and half a teaspoon of salt and then we're kind of ready.
This is the bit that I love about making these cookies, because you get that instant warm cookie. So let's put that cooker on – 150g of unsalted butter, straight in. And then you want to melt that butter down. 
Have your smallest ring on a low heat. 
Adding soft brown sugar just makes for a chewier cookie dough. It seems absolutely bonkers to do it in a frying pan, but it saves time.
Firstly, it's one big giant cookie. You know, I'm not having to make up a big cookie dough batter and then dividing it up and then using a baking tray, getting it in the oven – all in one frying pan. If I'm doing less washing up, I'm a happy girl.
Just add your dry ingredients and simply bring together.
Look at that – that's already starting to look like cookie dough. All you've got to do is add our egg, but just be a little bit speedy when you're doing this, but can you see, can you see it happening? Cookie dough in your frying pan! 
The quickest cookie dough you'll ever make – done! And now, my instant chocolate chips. 
Every single time, it's … these lovely colourful chocolate sugar-coated pieces. And I'm just going to dot them around. Look at that! That is what every single cookie in the whole wide world should look like.
This makes me so happy. Here's that point where you're like, 'Nadiya, stop. Just stop!' There's no more space left on the cookie … but you keep going. And there genuinely is no more space left. Stop. OK, put them down.
Right, so stick that on a low heat, and I'm going to go about my business and there will be a fully cooked, warm cookie in 20 minutes. You're welcome!
My speedy, scrummy, colourful cookie – great fun, whether you're big or small.
Come and have a look at what I've made you. 
Can I smell it?
It smells a bit chocolate and vanilla. It's going to be chewy.
Shall I cut it? 
Like a pizza.
Oh, look at that, guys! It's a little bit magical, right?
It's like a rainbow. 
The word cook has been put in cookie.
That's what we did, we put the cook into cookie!
It's just so gooey and nice in the middle.
Mummy, look at the chocolate – it's melting.
You make, like, a giant cookie and you, like, get a massive pan.
Are you going to get a wok and we can ... 
Yeah, yeah.
Could you get a wok pan?
We've got that pan that's, like, that big. We could fry it in that! 
And then make a massive one that big!

What's your favourite recipe?

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Submitted by Andrii on Mon, 07/12/2021 - 18:02

I really like cooking sandwiches. For them I usually take toast bread, cheese, salami, ketchup and sometimes tomato and lettuce. I Put all of these together and fry for about 10 minutes on a low heat. After frying I cut it in half and it's done!
Profile picture for user holaatodos

Submitted by holaatodos on Tue, 05/11/2021 - 16:42

I love cookies

Submitted by RedTyranosaur999 on Thu, 04/15/2021 - 06:14

to do pancakes

Submitted by hermione123 on Sat, 01/16/2021 - 13:23

I'm not good at cooking. So, i guess i don't have any favourite recipe. And, i love the video, by the way ;D

Submitted by Princess2401 on Fri, 11/06/2020 - 14:13

My favourite recipe is pizza. It is esy to cook and it is very tasty

Submitted by Googleuser on Fri, 09/18/2020 - 12:25

My favorite recipe is pizza. Ot is easy ,but delicious recipe.

Submitted by Vuquan on Fri, 08/28/2020 - 03:50

My favorite recipe is cake.

Submitted by cookiepg on Thu, 08/27/2020 - 02:41

I'm too hungry with a lot of cake

Submitted by Paranes on Tue, 07/28/2020 - 08:23

My favourite recipe are the fajitas. Everybody love them and they're so easy to make. All the ingredients needed are usually in our homes.
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Submitted by icat on Mon, 07/27/2020 - 10:27

It takes a lot of butter!!!
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