Thursday, 10 May, 2012 - 22:23

Summer v Winter

by Emma Douty

When it comes to fashion, the weather is something that plays a huge role in shaping the themes and styles for the season. You wouldn’t wear boots on the beach, or sandals in the snow, right? So, which is better – dressing for the heat or for the cold? Let’s start with summer style. There are undoubtedly items of clothing that you are dying to wear all year round, but can’t until the sun comes out. Bikinis, and sundresses, for example. Some you forgot you even had, until you found them sadly stuffed away at the deep end of your drawer. Summer is the time! Our legs can be free once again as the temperatures rise, which means no more restrictive clingy tights holding us back. Summer style also tends to be more bright and colourful than winter. Floral prints and bright tones are the signatures of summer fashion, which are undoubtedly upbeat and attention-grabbing. Why stick to monochrome when you can have colour in your life? Having said that, winter has its own kind of fashion perks, making it cool in its own right. Keeping warm means adding layers, which means a multitude of ways to show off the latest trends. As well as your outfit beneath your coat, you have a whole other one on top: scarves, gloves, hats, and boots; there are so many options to stay snug and on trend all at once. What’s more, just because the weather’s cold and dull doesn’t mean that your wardrobe has to be! It’s easy to make a bold statement with brightly coloured tights, or a patterned scarf. And what about your bag? Be daring and go for one that stands out in the crowd – your accessories say a lot about your personality. Deciding between the two seasons in terms of fashion is a tricky one. When I moved to Mexico, it was a huge change from the cold of Britain; suddenly I was wearing flip-flops and dresses everyday, rather than leggings and jumpers! But I do enjoy wrapping up warm in winter, I must admit. So I suppose when I go back I’ll be keeping myself cosy in the British winter with some Mexican summer bags and scarves. That way I can have the best of both worlds!

Do you prefer winter or summer clothes? Why?

Submitted by hermione123 on Sat, 01/16/2021 - 13:47

I live in a tropical country. And I, of course, choose the summer clothes.
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