This, that, these, those

It's a few weeks before Christmas and Sophie is working in India. She's doing her Christmas shopping in a local market.


As you watch the video, look at the examples of this, that, these and those. They are in red in the subtitles. Then read the conversation below to learn more. Finally, do the grammar exercises to check you understand, and can use, this, that, these and those correctly.


Sophie: Darling, hi, it’s me.

Daisy: Hi, Mum.

Sophie: Listen, I’m in a bit of a hurry, but can you help me for a minute?

Daisy: Ummm ... yeah.

Sophie: Well, I’m doing a bit of Christmas shopping and I want your advice. Look. I’m here in the market. Wait a second, I’ll put my video on, OK? Listen, what do you think about these for your Uncle Bob?

Daisy: Mmm ... I’ve never seen Uncle Bob in trousers like those, but they are great! Maybe he needs a bit of colour in his life?!

Sophie: I’m not sure ... but maybe you’re right. I mean, they’re pure silk. OK, so you think they’re perfect for Bob?

Daisy: Well, I didn’t say ‘perfect’ exactly, but I’m sure he’ll like them. Wow, that market looks amazing. Lovely and colourful.

Sophie: It’s beautiful, Daisy. I’ll bring you next time for sure.

Daisy: You always say that, Mum!

Sophie: I know, love, but you have school and this is work you know!

Daisy: Yeah, I know. It’s all work, work, work.

Sophie: Daisy, one more question - what about this shirt for Oliver?

Daisy: For Ollie? Yeah, Mum, he’ll love it. No, hold on, what about that one over there, behind you? The one with the flowers on.

Sophie: This one? Really? Do you think it’s Ollie’s style? It’s a bit loud, isn’t it? He usually likes darker colours ... and I’m not sure about the flowers.

Daisy: Oh, he’ll love it, Mum. At least he won’t get lost on a dark night!

Sophie: Yeah, maybe ... he has got some brighter coloured clothes recently. OK then, I’ll get these for Uncle Bob and this shirt for Oliver and you’re getting a surprise!

Daisy: Perfect, Mum! When are you arriving home?

Sophie: I’ll be there on Monday, OK? See you then, love.

Daisy: All right, Mum, see you soon. Take care.

Oliver: Was that Mum?

Sophie: Yeah.

Oliver: Any news?

Sophie: No, she was in a market, doing some Christmas shopping.

Oliver: Oh no! It’s going to be one of those years of ‘exotic’ presents, isn’t it?

Sophie: I’m afraid so! It’s going to be another weird Christmas Day! Do you remember that year when she’d just come back from Peru?

Oliver: Oh no!

We use this/that/these/those to explain what we are talking about. We sometimes use them with nouns and we sometimes use them on their own.

We use this (singular) and these (plural) to talk about things close to us, and that (singular) and those (plural) to talk about things at some distance away from us.

What about this shirt for Oliver?
No, hold on, what about that one over there?

So this is the idea of here and that is the idea of there?

Yes, exactly.

Wow, that market looks amazing. (= there. I'm not in the market, it's at some distance away from me)
This market is amazing. (= here. I'm in the market)

What about time? How does time affect this or that?

A good question. We use that to show distance in time as well as distance in space.

This is a good film. (we're watching it now)
That was a good film. (we saw it at some time in the past)

Are this/these and that/those always used with nouns?

No, we can use them as pronouns, without nouns, when it's obvious what they refer to.

What do you think about these for your Uncle Bob? (pointing to trousers)
I've never seen Uncle Bob in trousers like those. (those trousers, but we don't need to repeat trousers)
Who was that?

So they are useful words in shops or cafes. If you don't know the word for something, you can just say, 'Can I see that?' or 'I'd like those, please' and point.

Yes, they're very useful words!

I think I've heard this and that refer to more general things too, not just specific things.

That's right. This and that can refer to what somebody has said or what has happened. This could be several things or ideas.

That's right. (everything you said)
This is work you know! (all the things I'm doing)
That was a great concert! (something that has just happened)

What about phone language? How do people use this and that?

When you explain who is talking you say, 'Hi, this is Dan.'
And to check who is speaking, you can say, 'Is that Jenny?'

Can I say 'This is me'?

No. If you're phoning someone you know very well, you'd say 'It's me.'

What about introducing people to each other? Do I use this or that?

When you're introducing one person to another person, you say, 'Juliette, this is Marc'.

OK, thanks. That's all for now!



Did you enjoy this Grammar Snack? Do you think Oliver will like that shirt? ;)

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Submitted by ayhon on Mon, 08/07/2023 - 09:56

I enjoyed the grammar snack, It lets me understand the topic so well but unfortunately I don't think Oliver'll like that shirt because it's so loud mostly it's covered with the flowers

Submitted by pau22 on Fri, 07/21/2023 - 02:19

where can i find the videos?

Submitted by mariana0221 on Sat, 10/01/2022 - 22:29

This grammar is very useful for me, I think Oliver won´t like that shirt because he wears dark colours

Submitted by cherry00 on Sat, 07/30/2022 - 10:59

I enjoy grammar snack because it is useful and I hope Ollie will like the T-shirt.
Profile picture for user Freshka

Submitted by Freshka on Thu, 07/28/2022 - 12:03

Yes, I enjoyed this Grammar Snack. I speak English relatively well. I have a B1/B2 level, but returning to easier parts of English is very important. I tend to forget basic words and things like that, so It was a revising lesson for me. Thanks to this site, I can remind myself of basic information and improve my English with more advanced parts. Do you think Oliver will like that shirt? I think so. Even if he won't like it, It's a gift from his mum. He should have respect and be grateful for all what He has.

Submitted by Arivelde on Wed, 03/24/2021 - 19:46

Yes this was a lovely Grammar Snack. I don't know if Oliver will like his new shirt, but after all, it's just a shirt and also it's a gift from his mum advised by his sister, so I think that won't be any truble.
Profile picture for user Cfvdv

Submitted by Cfvdv on Mon, 03/22/2021 - 20:57

Yes, I certainly enjoyed this grammar snack, it´s very good to improve my english. And no, I don´t think Ollie will like that shirt... :/

Submitted by Didik on Mon, 03/15/2021 - 17:57

Yes, I realy like this grammar snack. I don´t think Oliver is going to like that shirt, isn´t his style.

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I really liked this Grammar Snack video and I don't think Oliver will ever like that shirt.
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Yes, I enjoyed this Grammar Snack. This was fun. I think Oliver won't like that shirt.

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Yes, I did. I think that Oliver won't like that shirt because he preferes the black one.

Submitted by Desy on Wed, 04/01/2020 - 19:10

Yes, I did. I think that Oliver will like the shirt, but he would have prefer the dark one.

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Yes, I did. Because I think these videos are very useful to improve my English. I think Oliver won’t like that shirt, because he likes dark colors, while the shirt chosen by his mother is red and with many flowers.
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Submitted by Dreamyoverflow on Fri, 08/17/2018 - 14:47

I enjoyed the grammar snack it is very useful for me in the furture. I do not think oliver will like that t-shirt it was way to colorful for him :D
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