How do you pronounce it?

As well as learning the meaning of new words, you should also learn how they are pronounced. All words with more than one syllable have word stress. Some words have difficult sounds because that sound is not common in your own language. Make a note of the sounds that you find difficult.

Look at the examples below.

o o O o O o o O o o O o
e-du-ca-tion co-mmu-ni-ty tra-gic a-ston-ished
tran-spor-ta-tion ri-di-cu-lous free-zing di-rec-tor

When you learn a new word mark the stressed syllable on the word in your vocabulary notebook. A good dictionary will tell you which is the stressed syllable.

When speaking in sentences the important words are often stressed. Look at the examples below.

    What do you do?
    What time does the bus arrive?


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