How do you spell it?

In vocabulary tests and exams, spelling the words correctly may be worth extra points. Anyway, spelling in English can be tricky so you should try and learn how to spell new words as you learn them.

Learn to spell with this technique: look – cover – write – check. Follow these steps:

1. Look at the word and the spelling.
2. Cover the word with your hand.
3. Write the word.
4. Lift up your hand and check the spelling.

Follow this advice to get top marks in tests where spelling correctly is important.

  • Remember: all syllables need a vowel sound.
  • A vowel sound is sometimes two vowels together, e.g. ‘ee’ or ‘ea’.
  • Are there any double letters in the word? The most common double letters in English are: ss, ee, tt, ff, ll, mm, oo.
  • The most common letters at the end of a word: e, s, t, d, n, r.
  • Remember: some plurals have irregular spelling, e.g. children, teeth, mice, sheep and tomatoes.

You should also make a note if there is any special punctuation for the new words you learn. Some words in English always start with a capital letter, e.g. names, days, months, languages and countries.

You can practise your spelling in the Vocabulary exercises section of our website.


Do you find spelling in English easy or difficult?

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