In this type of exam, you have to match the two words that go together.

  • When there are two groups of words you put together one word from each group.
  • Sometimes you make collocations, e.g. verb + noun: make + friends, do + your homework, etc.
  • Sometimes you make compound nouns, e.g. extreme sports: snow + boarding, wind + surfing, mountain + biking, etc.
  • Sometimes you put a verb or adjective with a preposition, e.g. listen + to, look + at, agree + with, good + at, interested + in, etc.
  • Always start with the words you know go together.
  • If you don’t know which words go together, guess. You may be right!
  • Check your answers carefully when you finish.


What's the best way for you to learn new vocabulary?


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Dreamyoverflow 24 July, 2018 - 20:57

The best way for me to learn vocabulary is to read really much and also highlight the difficult words so that you can later search it up in a dictionary and I also like to make sure how the word is pronounced and how it is used.

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