How many times will you listen?

In any listening exam there is a lot you can do to prepare yourself before the teacher plays the recording and you actually listen to the text. If you are well prepared before you even hear the first word of the text, you will do much better in the test.

It's important to know how many times you will listen to the text so make sure you ask your teacher.

  • In most listening tests you hear the text more than once. The first time you should listen for general understanding and the second time for more specific information.
  • If you listen more than once, don't worry if you don't hear all the answers the first time. Keep calm and listen for the answers the second time.
  • If you don't hear an answer, don't panic. Sometimes key information is repeated later in the audio.
  • If you only listen once and don't hear all the answers, think about the context and choose/write an answer that makes sense. Use your common sense and guess – you might be right.

In your listening exams how many times do you usually listen to the audio?

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