What can you do while you're listening and you don't understand an important word? These tips will help you.
  • If you hear a word that you don't understand, but you think it's important, think about the context. Does it sound like another word that makes sense in that context?
  • Don't think about the word for too long. Continue listening to the rest of the text.
  • It's important to continue listening to the rest of the text so that you don't miss any more important information.
  • Sometimes key words or ideas are repeated later in the audio, so listen out for the word or idea again.
  • Sometimes you might hear a word you know, but you don't recognise the pronunciation. Use the context to help you work out the word and remember that when people speak quickly they often use weak sounds, or drop sounds from a word.
  • Don't stop listening! If you don't understand part of the listening, don't panic! Continue listening to the next part. This is a very important skill when listening. Learn to move on and continue listening!


Tell us about when you were able to guess the meaning of a difficult word using the context and other words in the sentence.


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Ilehana 25 July, 2013 - 00:46

Most of the times were when I listened a Song,..because my teacher taught us Listening by songs

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ALICE2013 25 May, 2013 - 10:48

Don't stop ,and continue listening to get general ideas then we can guess the words.Good advise.

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