True or false?

This is most students’ favourite task as you have 50% chance of getting each question right! But, you want to get 100% right, so read these tips to help you.

  • Before you listen predict if the sentence is true or false. Listen to confirm.
  • Underline the key words or information in the sentence.
  • Try changing the sentence into a question. It might help you listen for the right information. For example:
    True or False: Cassie likes extreme sports. Change the sentence into a question: Does Cassie like extreme sports? Yes or No?  Then listen for key information to confirm answers.
  • Key information is usually stressed.
  • Do you get negative points for wrong answers? If not, always answer all the questions, even if you guess. You have a 50% chance of being right!
  • Do you have to correct the false sentences? If so, make notes while you listen and write the correct sentence after you listen. Check the grammar, spelling and punctuation carefully after you listen, not while you listen.

How well did you do in the exercise? Have you ever done a listening exam with this type of question?

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Submitted by heeyitskate on Fri, 11/19/2021 - 14:31

Hey to everyone, These tips were catchy enough, so I got 8/8. Actually, I've already donу tons of listeting exams with this type of tasks. Anyway, I learned some new information. Thanks a lot, it's cognitive :)
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