Which words do I need to understand?

While you are listening to the text you won't understand every word, and you don't need to. That's a fact! But it is important to know which words you need to understand so that you can complete the tasks.

  • You don't have to understand every word. Don't panic if you don't understand everything!
  • The first time you listen, just listen for the general idea or gist.
  • The important, key words or ideas will be stressed. They are usually said louder and slower than other words.
  • The words that are not stressed are not usually as important as the words that are stressed.
  • In general, listen for the important, key words. Even native speakers don't listen to every word!

It's true! You don't have to understand every word to understand the meaning.  Tell us about when you did well in an exam but didn't understand every word.  

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