Complete the sentences about the text

Completing sentences about a text can be tricky, but these tips will help you. Look at this example activity first, then read the tips.

Read the text and complete the sentences in your own words.

The next day the psychiatrist told her to put the spider in her living room. My friend put it on top of the television. At first she thought the spider was watching her, and she felt afraid. Then she told herself that it was only a plastic spider.

My friend felt frightened when ______

(Answer) she first put the plastic spider on top of the television.

  • Find the part of the text that refers to the sentence.
  • Always use information from the text to answer, not your own opinions or ideas.
  • Don’t copy sentences straight from the text. You may need to change the part of speech, for example, use a verb when there is a noun in the text.
  • Include all the necessary information to complete the sentence.
  • Is your sentence correct? Check grammar, parts of speech, spelling and punctuation.

Have you ever had this type of question in a school exam?  Was it easy to find the information you needed in the text?

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