Make sure you have all the materials you need with you for your exam. 

  • Have two pieces of paper, one for your notes and one for your writing task. 

  • You need lots of space to write your notes and ideas clearly. 

  • Write your name at the top of your exam paper. 

  • Have a pen that works or a pencil and rubber.

  • Switch off your mobile phone if you have one. 

  • Wear a watch so you can keep track of the time or ask a teacher if there is going to be a clock in the room.

  • In a public exam like IELTS or a Cambridge exam, make sure you have your ID card with you. 

  • Can you use a dictionary? Check with your teacher and if you are allowed, make sure you have a dictionary with you. 


Are you allowed to use a dictionary in a writing exam? What do you take with you for an exam? 



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empty 13 May, 2019 - 08:46

A good advice : You can make ( last second notes ). it means write the important points in a peice of paper , cut it with scissors and decorate it ( for example cut it as a star ) and bring it with you to the exam . you can read it it just before the exam starts . It helps you to remember the points .

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