What type of writing is it?

What type of writing is it? A story? An email? A for and against essay? An article?

We use different types of language for different types of writing. For example, a story should have narrative tenses like the past simple, the past continuous and perfect tenses. In a magazine article you should include personal experiences and opinions, and entertain the reader. You can find lots of examples of different types of writing tasks in our Writing skills practice section. Here are some examples:

The best way to learn how to do well in all these different types of writing task is to practise. You need to read a lot too. Reading stories, for example, will help you to get good at writing stories. Try to read as much as you can in English and you will see that your writing will improve.


Which types of writing tasks do you have to do in your school exams? 

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In my school, we usually write emails to our friends.
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