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As it is still the beginning of 2017 some people will have made their New Year's resolutions, such as eating healthier, doing more exercise or maybe trying out a new hobby. However, instead of making a list of resolutions, this year I have replaced this and decided to write a 'bucket list'. The term 'bucket list' was first used in 2006 and the name comes from the expression 'to kick the bucket', meaning 'to die'. It is essentially a list of adventures and achievements that you hope to accomplish within your lifetime, for example, travelling around Asia.  

Some of the things on my bucket list are;

  1. Road trip around Ireland
  2. Go in a hot air balloon
  3. Travel around South America
  4. See the Northern Lights
  5. Go parachuting 

There are many types of bucket lists, for example a travel bucket list, such as going on a road trip around Europe. It could also be a bucket list to do with a friend or partner, like watch the sunrise or go on a day trip somewhere. Or you might make a thrill-seeker bucket list including things like swimming with sharks or going mountain climbing. 


Do you have a bucket list? What activities would you like to do?


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iam_sb22 18 April, 2017 - 20:01

My bucket list includes all those things which has never reflected its shadow in my sixteen year old life span filled with all layers of boring flavours !! The topper of my list is to desert this messy life and escape to city of peace Iceland.

Without skydiving life seems void . It is because at least for those few seconds the silken clouds and beautiful blue sky makes us forget all our worries !!!

My third wish is to fly from top of waterfalls ,glide through air and splash inside the clear crystal waters !!

The fourth wish is to stand on top of eiffel tower at midnight and enjoy a few minutes of peace and see the lovebirds on Paris nights !!

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