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Unintentional fame on your year abroad

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As the holidays roll around many people decide to go exploring on their year abroad and see places they have never seen before. I am definitely one of those people so as my first half term holiday approached I planned an exciting trip with my friend to go and see Berlin for the first time.

Many people talk about Berlin as being an amazing, diverse city which has a particular appeal to students like myself, and I have to say, it did not disappoint! However, I experienced a rather surreal side of Berlin. As I visited the TV tower, I found myself being pranked on Galileo TV as they were doing an experiment on people visiting cash machines. The man tried his best to distract me to see if it were possible to take my card. Thankfully it was not! However, the ordeal did not end there. I then returned to my school on Monday morning to find myself the talk of the playground. The show had aired over the weekend meaning both my fellow teachers and students had seen me being pranked in their capital. Now even the students I don’t teach know who I am as I walk down the corridor!

Now if people turn to look at me I am no longer sure if it’s because they can tell I am foreign or because I look like that girl who was tricked on TV!


Have you ever been on TV? 


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Ken 18 October, 2015 - 23:23

Ha ha, interesting story!
Yeah, I've been on TV. My dad used to take me to a golf range and I was asked to be on a 30 minute programme of a golf lesson. I was blushing during a take!!
Besides, I found myself on TV when I visited a sughtseeing spot. It was a funny feeling to see myself as one of others...!

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