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Do you have friends living in other countries? Have you ever gone to visit them?


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Thu 17 August, 2019 - 09:42

When I was in grade 1, I had a friend. He sat at the same table with me. He's kind and very innocence. At that time, I teased him a lot. I feel happy, maybe a friend like me in his memory as a witch. I almost didn't remember him at that time. When I finished grade 1 and went to grade 2, I was smarter. I realized HE WENT TO AUSTRALIA WITH HIS PARENTS. I was a bit of shock. I was lost a good friend. Now I even don't remember his full name. I merely remember his face and his hairstyle when he was a kid. Maybe he doesn't know who am I either. But if we are predestined, we will meet each other on a beautiful day. : )

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Mihael 19 May, 2019 - 01:59

I have but not really a best friends... nope, it never cross in my mind but if someday I have some money, I would like to visiting them.

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xxNinjasHyperxx 6 April, 2019 - 09:54

Hi guys,
yes, I do have friends and family living in foreign countries and I do often go to visit them.
it's amazing how people from so far away are somehow connected to each other, as friends or even relatively. friends or family who live in other countries are quite lonely, as they are away from their homeland and visiting them will give the company. you can learn from friends in different countries.

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Rahul 7 October, 2015 - 10:11

Hi Everyone..

Its a great platform is this actually people are express the our views front of anybody..
Actually i am basically belongs to peru and my English is not well so i have try on this platform.
If any people help me which type i am improving my English so i thank full to you..
I have a question please suggest to me this is the English improving app or some thing else.
i am waiting for your valuable feedback.........

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Solit 13 July, 2015 - 02:16

Hi Silvy,

I'm happy to meet you the next weekend. You tell me about your friend play in a music group. This's a great idea! I'm glad to go with you the concert.

Too, you tell me if I prefer to trip by boat or see football. I chose the first option. More, you are learning Italian. I like the languages so it's really important learn languages because you know different point of view, cultures, books, etc. An advice, I think you read a lot and talk with a native person.

Sorry but my new skateboat don't bring with me. It is too heavy!



I have a lot of friends all over the world: Chile, Argentina, Mexico, United States, Canada, Italy, Spain, Australia, etc, but I haven't visited them. However, I feel to visit them soon.

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Rahul 7 October, 2015 - 09:07

Hi Silvy,


This is Rahul From Peru.
I have sow your mail and interest you have mentioned below.
So my dear friend enjoying your holidays..

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Hugodgr 7 November, 2014 - 00:24

Hi Chris,
Hello, how are you?
Meh, I would not like to go and see your friend, I don't like concerts, nor bands, obviously...
I wouldn't even like to go to those boring activities you say, we'd rather go to a shop centre, and buy an ice cream
I can help you with you lessons of italian, there is an App that you can download on you iPad called Duolingo, that would help you with that, ita has a lot lf languages for you to learn!
And finally, I am not taking my new super skateboard, I know you would like to have one as mine, but my mother does not let me to let you use it, she says you will break it!
Sincerely, your best friend Hugo! :).

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sara79 17 June, 2014 - 16:26

Yes,I have a frnds living in other countries. but i dont have a chance to visit in their country..

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AnaB 12 June, 2014 - 10:39

Yes, I have friends in other countries. I've been one time to visit them. Now I'm planning to go in Germany to visit another friend. Of course if my parents let me go in Germany, I would go. :)

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Niluh 29 April, 2014 - 13:39

No, i don't have any. Having friends live in other countries seems great, we can learn each other either languages or culture, i wish i had one someday.

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