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What do you do when you get lost in a town or city?


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andji2001 20 May, 2016 - 10:51

If i get lost in town or city, first may be I will ask local people for information about my direction or I will try to find a map which shows where I am at that moment.

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Fado23fado 16 May, 2016 - 15:42

In my opinion, to be lost in a city or town is very hard nowadays. Thanks to technology we can get information about where we are now and when we come across some kind of emergency issue we can sent a our coordination to people for helping also whatever you want to go you write the address on your phone or laptop they show you correct direction. :))))) don't afraid about to be lost ;)

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dchamika 22 February, 2016 - 11:13

One day i was hunting for a shop and i asked a person about it and went according to his direction, but i got lost, thus i used my GPS and found the shop.

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Mikyaleee 17 January, 2016 - 13:32

Hahahah I remember something... it was the first day went to the my new school. I was alone and didn't know that area. So after round and round for about 2 hours i stoped a taxi hehehe

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FurkanTurkey 12 January, 2016 - 18:34

I look up Google Maps or ask some one. [ I must said that, I made true all of them but when I start, I used big character so It seem false : ( ]

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jimm9x 12 January, 2016 - 10:01

If I get lost in a town, I would use my mobile phone to find directions, or ask someone for helps.

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linevn 29 December, 2015 - 04:07

if i get lost in town, first i will call my parent, or ask there people help me to go to the post office.

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yenthan 30 November, 2015 - 14:50

When I get lost in a town or city, I will ask for local people's helps or borrow someone's phone to call my family to back me to my home.

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bojana13 8 October, 2015 - 16:48

Well I never got lost becuse my parents go with me,but if I were lost I would ask for the direction.

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Elsa007 24 September, 2015 - 17:21

I like to ask somebody for directions in a strange town or city.
it's a good opportunity to talk with local people to know more about the place.
Aha…, that's why I won't hesitate to get lost!? OHG!

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blackpearrl 1 September, 2015 - 16:17

If I get lost in a town or city I have never visited before, I will ask the local people for directions. I once was lost in a big city when looking for the hotel I'd stay in and I went around the city for more than an hour without clear directions. It was late at night so there were only few people seen on the streets. I decided to ask them and the hotel turned out to be very near from where I was the whole time! o-o

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Elsa007 5 September, 2015 - 07:27

After reading your comment, I remembered my similar experience! When I visited my host family in a town I'd never visited, as I had a very bad direction, I decided to take a taxi from the nearest station. A number of taxies were queuing at the station to get people in one by one and finally my turn came and I got relieved to be taken to the destination without getting lost. Little less than three minutes of driving, the driver told me to get out of the car as we got to the destination. Oh, it was simple, thought I, but soon I got lost…. The building in front of me where I was dropped out was a wrong building. I walked around for more than 10 minutes and finally I found someone to ask. Then It turned out that the target building was standing just at the other side of the road……. ! :-O

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Elsa007 29 November, 2015 - 17:10

Actually, I knew why the driver intentionally dropped me off at the other side of the destination….
It was raining and a number of taxis were making a long queue to get the ride. Finally, the driver let me on but he was upset because my destination was in fact 3 minutes walk from where I took a ride…..!Oh, dear…..
On second thought, I remember, when arriving at the building, he intentionally turned to the other side of the road to put miles on a car. Then I heard his complaining about his bad luck of the day (pshaw)!!
No wonder……… ☆

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Mizu 29 August, 2015 - 17:13

if I get lost I'll find place that easy to find, stay right there and call to someone but if I lost in city that I didn't know anyone I'll ask someone for way go to police station.

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