Inviting someone to the cinema

People watching a film in a cinema

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Jack: Hi, Ismael. How are you?

Ismael: Hi, Jack. I'm OK but I've got loads of homework.

Jack: Me too, but would you like to come with us to the cinema tonight?

Ismael: Who's 'us'?

Jack: Me, Jamie, Nicola and Selina.

Ismael: OK, and what's the film?

Jack: We don't know. We can't decide. There's that new horror film, 'Light and Dark'.

Ismael: No, no, no! I don't like horror films.

Jack: OK, well, there's a comedy about a school.

Ismael: Oh, no more school, please! What about a romcom?

Jack: Romcom?

Ismael: You know, romantic comedy, boy meets girl ...

Jack: What? Really? No, I hate romantic films. I like action.

Ismael: Well, there's a new science fiction film, 'Alien attacks'.

Jack: OK, I like science fiction. Let's see that.

Ismael: OK, I'll ask the others if they like sci-fi.

Jack: What time is the film?

Ismael: At 8 o'clock. Let’s meet at 7:30 outside the cinema.

Jack: OK. See you later.

Ismael: Bye.


What kind of films do you like?

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Submitted by Rachele on Tue, 09/12/2023 - 13:34

i really like romcoms and fantasy films

Submitted by JerryT on Mon, 03/06/2023 - 23:07

I like a lot of different types of films. I like comedies, dramas, and action films.

Submitted by SK0272ingles on Wed, 08/17/2022 - 01:57

I like comedy and science fiction films

Submitted by ahgima099 on Mon, 08/15/2022 - 09:13

I like romantic comedy, anime. animation and drama. I like to watch movies but not series. I watch twice a week.

Submitted by AliEsp on Sat, 08/13/2022 - 02:26

I like horror films and my favorite movie is "El Conjuro 2"

Submitted by fmchancosic on Fri, 08/12/2022 - 17:37

I like the horror films, because they are very interesting and entertaining.

Submitted by Tami1210 on Wed, 08/10/2022 - 05:27

I like romantic and comedy films, my favorite movie is pride and prejudice.

Submitted by angelams on Thu, 07/14/2022 - 17:52

I like romantic comedy films and series. My series favorite is stranger things.

Submitted by Fadikly on Thu, 06/02/2022 - 17:28

i like romantic comedy films and series. i finished stranger things 3 days ago. it was very great

Submitted by Edaa on Wed, 06/01/2022 - 08:06

i like horror movies i like that they are scary.
Profile picture for user Ebrarr

Submitted by Ebrarr on Wed, 06/01/2022 - 07:25

I love watching movies, especially action movies.

Submitted by DzhShaid on Sun, 05/22/2022 - 08:29

I like science fiction and historical drama. I don't like comedy and action films.

Submitted by Ivone734 on Thu, 03/24/2022 - 05:41

I love the comedy, romantic, cartoons movies and japanese animation... sometimes i like the horror movies but these make me feel fear

Submitted by oskrox on Wed, 03/23/2022 - 01:56

i like comedy and comedy romantic. I don´t like action movies.

Submitted by rainyhappy on Mon, 03/14/2022 - 17:13

I like cartoon film especially in Disney Movies. My best favorite cartoon is Frozen. It was really beautiful movie I have ever seen.

Submitted by Dsas16 on Mon, 01/10/2022 - 19:17

i like every kind of films but I rather science fiction and those about natural disasters, they are so entertaining and I always learn something new.

Submitted by trungtnd on Sun, 01/02/2022 - 01:09

I like action movies because it also has very interesting details such as fighting, shooting...

Submitted by Fenic on Wed, 10/13/2021 - 07:07

I like romantic films and comedy films.

Submitted by laurel7 on Fri, 10/08/2021 - 20:49

For exaple: Beauty and Beast, Rec 1, Howl´s Moving Castle, and Harry Potter Because some are entertaming, some are great and some I like the story

Submitted by laurel7 on Fri, 10/08/2021 - 20:35

I like horror, comedy drama, and animated
Profile picture for user FlowerQueen

Submitted by FlowerQueen on Thu, 07/29/2021 - 18:24

I like „Hanni&Nanni“ 1-3 + „Mehr als beste Freunde“. I live in Germany, so the films are German too. „The sound of music“ „Feel the beat“ „Ballerina“ „Avatar - The last airbender“ It‘s Anime. „Misfit“ I don‘t know, what kinds of films they are. Sorry.
Profile picture for user fanny

Submitted by fanny on Wed, 07/28/2021 - 16:44

I like cartoon, romcom, thrillers and comeddy films

Submitted by Ammar on Fri, 07/23/2021 - 12:45

I like comedy romantic films, horror films and action films.
Profile picture for user Elsa

Submitted by Elsa on Fri, 06/25/2021 - 11:37

I love animations and I like World Disney movies. I don't have favorite movies I like all animations movies and I'm a big fan of World Disney. What about you? Do you like World Disney movies? Please, Tell me your favorite movies I'm friendly girl.
Profile picture for user fanny

Submitted by fanny on Wed, 07/28/2021 - 16:51

I love animated films, also Disney movies. I love Moana, The Princess and the frog, and Sleeping Beauty. I think that the songs are catchy.

In reply to by Elsa

Profile picture for user Elsa

Submitted by Elsa on Thu, 08/12/2021 - 06:23

Thank you for answer my question friend. I like Moana too. But I like Elsa more. I like Frozen. By the way, where are you from? I'm from Myanmar. My name is Thun. I'm 13 years old. Nice to meet you Fanny.

In reply to by fanny

Profile picture for user Kanek131

Submitted by Kanek131 on Mon, 06/07/2021 - 18:47

I love films about wars, but my favorite filme is Réquiem for a dream.
Profile picture for user MuradYT

Submitted by MuradYT on Sat, 06/05/2021 - 09:50


Submitted by losoh12 on Sat, 04/17/2021 - 03:09

i like romanctic movies

Submitted by NicDi on Sat, 04/17/2021 - 01:06

I love comedy, horror and action films.

Submitted by 501dom on Fri, 04/09/2021 - 22:07

I like comedy, romantic, horror and action films but i enjoy romantic films more. I usually watch romantic films and series from other countries (Turkey and Korea) on my computer. I still don't have a favorite film.

Submitted by GGO_Toxic on Tue, 03/02/2021 - 18:19

I like comedy and action.

Submitted by MrNakr228 on Tue, 01/26/2021 - 10:54

I like comedy film. My favourite is film Kiss one and two
Profile picture for user Kostantinus

Submitted by Kostantinus on Thu, 01/07/2021 - 06:50

I don't really like horror movie, although I watched some of them when I was a kid. Now I prefer science fiction films. Sometimes I watch romantic comedy with my girlfriend.
Profile picture for user rafaelyeshua

Submitted by rafaelyeshua on Tue, 12/15/2020 - 14:53

I like the science fiction films, more the ones that are about travel to the future

Submitted by Dul_San on Sun, 11/01/2020 - 21:54

My favorite films are the science fiction

Submitted by Abril_ms on Fri, 10/23/2020 - 03:11

I like action films, My favorite movie is Divergent

Submitted by Luna on Thu, 08/20/2020 - 08:13

l like animations (anime specially one piece) and sci-fi (like AVENGERS)
Profile picture for user Xuka

Submitted by Xuka on Sun, 08/16/2020 - 18:11

I like romantic comedy films the best. I often watch this genre of India, Korea, China. I feel both funny and emotional when enjoying them. I don't like horror films. There were lots of blood, scary images, plus some jump-shock moments, shooting, fighting, and dead bodies. I was obsessed with all scenes and sounds in the films.
Profile picture for user zagrybast

Submitted by zagrybast on Sun, 08/09/2020 - 08:27

Let’s see... I think I like horror and drama. I like thinking about the film after it ends. And I don’t like a comedy film.
Profile picture for user IANPAUL

Submitted by IANPAUL on Mon, 07/13/2020 - 18:24

I like comedy, horror and science fiction.
Profile picture for user Sherry4869

Submitted by Sherry4869 on Tue, 05/12/2020 - 14:47

I like Japanese animation very much. I also like to watch comedy, science fiction, romantic films. I like to watch ----Horror movie. But these make me so scared.
Profile picture for user DIGIOTANIMES

Submitted by DIGIOTANIMES on Mon, 05/04/2020 - 19:42

the movies that I like are the horror, science fiction and movies from my favorite anime series

Submitted by _16lx on Sat, 03/28/2020 - 21:29

I like every kinds of films , but I don't like horror films , my fav films is ' me before you ' and that's romcom film

Submitted by karla09 on Thu, 03/26/2020 - 21:20

the movies i like are suspense, comedy and science fiction. These exercises help us in situations of daily life for which they are important.

Submitted by ArelyLuna on Thu, 03/12/2020 - 05:57

I like comedy movies because they are so funny but i also like action movies
Profile picture for user Raysan

Submitted by Raysan on Wed, 09/18/2019 - 15:21

I love animations (or call it anime if you want), especially Doraemon and Conan.

Submitted by cian007 on Fri, 07/05/2019 - 02:56

i like the action,comedy and science fiction films
Profile picture for user empty

Submitted by empty on Tue, 07/02/2019 - 15:13

What kind of films do you like? I like comedy and science fiction films .

Submitted by Thu on Tue, 06/18/2019 - 10:11

I like the cartoon of course, and comedy. Why? Causes I'm a kid. : ) Especially, Mickey's Mouse Short Films, I wonder why he so cute and funny. And because it's short, so I can study MORE ENGLISH. : (
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