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What sports do you play? 

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Submitted by Булат on Mon, 12/25/2023 - 04:26

I usually do athletics

Submitted by alexandra labraña on Thu, 05/25/2023 - 19:51

i like playin everypary the sport

Profile picture for user Muhammad Hamayun Anwar

Submitted by Muhammad Hamay… on Tue, 12/06/2022 - 13:29

I like running. during sports week at my school, I participate in a running game and I get the first position in every tournament

Submitted by Adelyatam on Mon, 08/29/2022 - 19:09

I don't play any sport but I like yoga.

Submitted by ahgima099 on Tue, 08/16/2022 - 08:43

I play football with my cousins in the rainy day. Sometimes I play badminton. I am not good at sports but I like to play sports.

Submitted by Gorkem2006 on Thu, 06/09/2022 - 18:50

I play football and am interested in sports
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Submitted by Ebrarr on Wed, 06/08/2022 - 06:27

I have 2 years to go to university.

Submitted by JamieKirumato1795 on Sat, 03/12/2022 - 02:58

I don't play any sports. But, I wish I do that because sports are great for health. Every day, I do rope skipping. It's simple for everyone. You can try!

Submitted by ExtremeBoka on Wed, 03/02/2022 - 03:00

I used to play volleyball when I was a kid. Nowadays I like playing volleyball in the beach with my friends but just sometimes.

Submitted by trungtnd on Fri, 12/24/2021 - 12:54

I play volleyball
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Submitted by Tato_Learner22 on Mon, 11/22/2021 - 21:31

Currently, I don't pratice any sport, but I would like playing basketball soon.

Submitted by Fenic on Mon, 10/11/2021 - 04:25

I play tennis sport.
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Submitted by FlowerQueen on Sun, 07/11/2021 - 18:45

I play tennis on Mondays and before Corona I went swimming and I danced Ballet.

Submitted by NAS on Wed, 06/30/2021 - 10:27

I don't play sports like in the photo there. But in the usual way, I like to walking, dancing and do some stretching.

Submitted by CarlaV on Mon, 01/18/2021 - 14:40

I play baseball!!! In Italy is very particular sport but I love it
Profile picture for user Kostantinus

Submitted by Kostantinus on Thu, 01/07/2021 - 09:17

I like to play different kind of sport. Swimming, boxing, football, badminton, tennis, ping-pong, basketball, volleyball and so on.

Submitted by nimdini on Tue, 12/15/2020 - 14:32

I play chess, badminton and tennis.

Submitted by nianhua on Mon, 10/26/2020 - 04:00

I especially only play pingpang
Profile picture for user IANPAUL

Submitted by IANPAUL on Wed, 07/01/2020 - 16:24

I especially only play soccer, but I also like other sports.

Submitted by Bin6688 on Thu, 06/11/2020 - 11:01

I play football, badminton, volleyball, basketball.

Submitted by pau_pau on Tue, 05/12/2020 - 15:39

I don't practice any sport, I prefer to watch it

Submitted by Corvo on Tue, 04/28/2020 - 21:55

my favorite sport is soccer, i also like to dance and run :]

Submitted by 66klasa66 on Mon, 03/16/2020 - 20:15

I like Dancing.

Submitted by 66klasa66 on Mon, 03/16/2020 - 16:34

I'm swimming and diving.

Submitted by Elife on Fri, 01/24/2020 - 21:01

I play athletics, basketball, volleyball, and some time football.

Submitted by Makam on Thu, 01/23/2020 - 15:05

I just play basketball. It's very funny.

Submitted by Robothynot123 on Thu, 09/19/2019 - 03:05

I don’t like sports but i often play badminton at home once a week.
Profile picture for user empty

Submitted by empty on Thu, 06/20/2019 - 14:25

What sports do you play? I go to karate class , I do aerobics and I workout to be in shape .

Submitted by Mills on Sun, 04/07/2019 - 02:34

I like sport very much, because it can make me happy.
Profile picture for user Youjiro

Submitted by Youjiro on Sat, 02/02/2019 - 14:12

I do lot of exercise such as running,baseball and basketball in school.After school I play sports with friend at school ground.There are many people play sports.I don't play gaming .My parents limited playing game .Then teach me playing game is waste of time.It makes you lazy boy.

Submitted by KoThura on Wed, 01/02/2019 - 01:44

I play Golf

Submitted by shopnobaz on Sat, 07/21/2018 - 15:55

I like to play Chesse

Submitted by UrbaezEdith on Fri, 07/13/2018 - 19:10

Well, I don´t play any sport really.

Submitted by msmail on Tue, 07/03/2018 - 15:03

Every Fridays I play football with my friends in my school.

Submitted by felixminecraft on Mon, 05/14/2018 - 16:57

Hello i'm Felix.I come from Italy.

Submitted by nikop1967 on Fri, 04/13/2018 - 14:20


Submitted by Grozinho on Mon, 02/26/2018 - 12:24

I run sometimes. I used to play football, Handball and Basketball. In Summer I like swimming.

Submitted by nikop1967 on Fri, 02/16/2018 - 14:08

good :3

Submitted by mimi98 on Fri, 02/02/2018 - 14:04

good excercise
Profile picture for user Ahjeen

Submitted by Ahjeen on Tue, 01/09/2018 - 16:30

I am not really into sports but I dance with my little sister. We do pretty much everything together.
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