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Adventure travel

Time for an adventure?

Are you a bit bored with your nine-to-five routine? Have a look at our exciting range of holidays and decide what type of adventure you’d like.

Activity holidays

Our activity holidays are for everyone, people who love danger or who just like sports. We have a huge variety of water, snow or desert holidays. We’ll take you SCUBA diving in the Red Sea or kayaking and white water rafting in Canada. If you prefer snow, you can try skiing or snowboarding in the Alps or even igloo-building. For those who like warmer weather, we also have sandboarding (the desert version of skateboarding) or camel safaris.

Polar expeditions

Take a cruise to Antarctica or the northern Arctic; explore a land of white natural beauty and wonderful wildlife. Our experts will explain everything about the two poles as you watch the penguins in Antarctica or whales and polar bears in the Arctic. There's no greater adventure than travelling to the ends of the earth. A once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Cultural journeys

Our cultural journeys will help you discover ancient civilisations: India, Thailand, Egypt and many more. Visit temples, palaces and ancient ruins – just remember to bring your camera! Get to know local ways of life by exploring markets, trying exotic foods and meeting local people.

Trekking tours

We have trekking holidays to famous places such as Machu Picchu or the Everest Base Camp Trek, as well as some nearer to home in the Highlands of Scotland. You don’t need to be very sporty, just fairly fit. You’ll have a great time enjoying nature with a group of new friends. Some of the holidays include camping, but we’ll transport the tents for you!

Wildlife holidays

We organise small-group tours to get closer to nature in Africa, Asia or South America. Go on safari in Africa and watch lions and giraffes. Meet the famous turtles of the Galapagos Islands. Look for tigers in India, or take an elephant safari in Sri Lanka. We use local guides and stay in a range of accommodation, from tents to tree houses.


What's the best holiday you have ever had? Where did you go? What did you do?

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Submitted by ILikeFrogs54 on Thu, 05/30/2024 - 10:09

I have been to Dubai once and it was by far the best vacation i have ever had with the food the people and the weather, you should defenitely go there

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Submitted by luckynguyen123 on Fri, 01/12/2024 - 02:50

Man, my adventure trip is like... kind of boring. My final trip to Vung Tau (a beachy bouncy bottle place in Vietnam tho) is full of trash instead of the beauty of nature (or fruit)

Submitted by DragonKing08 on Sat, 03/23/2024 - 07:18

My adventure trip was kinda good I guess but my favorite part was the food, places and people I met in France and in Germany

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Submitted by Delluxxo7 on Mon, 06/10/2024 - 09:25

I imagine my best trips or travel, like in the forest and camping. I very want to try bushcrafting, and try to live in the forest. To build handmade house there and return there every time to check my house and also improve it.
Search food and cook it there with my close friends. For me it's aesthetics)))

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Submitted by FlowerQueen on Fri, 09/08/2023 - 09:20

My best holiday I've ever had was 3 weeks in South Korea. I swam in the sea, ate a lot of delicious food, went shopping and met my relatives!

Submitted by Drago78 on Wed, 07/05/2023 - 17:50

I love going with my family to my native country, France. Even though I've only been there three times I can't wait to go back this summer! Otherwise, I went to sleep three days in a camp called Minogami with my friends, in nature and it was amazing!

Submitted by Mr.English_Max. on Mon, 06/26/2023 - 14:35

In 2016, I had an incredible holiday in Turkey. I stayed at an amazing hotel that offered an all-inclusive package, providing everything I needed for a fantastic vacation. The highlight was the hotel's waterpark, where I enjoyed thrilling water slides and pools. I also had the opportunity to explore the local bazaar and experience the culture of Turkey. Overall, it was a memorable and enjoyable trip.

Submitted by thatskyling_ on Mon, 05/01/2023 - 03:57

The best holiday I had is the one to China, I went to Tian Jin, Cheng de, Beijing and more. I love the ancient palace and food there.

Submitted by mrr.fr0ggie on Wed, 03/29/2023 - 16:15

My best holiday was in a road trip in six countries of Europe, one year ago. We started in our own country, followed by countries such as France, Germany, Austria and Italy. We stayed for a week camping in Italy. There was a sweet old lady who originally came from our country, so she spoke our language. We swam in the lake nearby. It was an amazing trip! I ca n tell so much more about everything! All the castles, family memories, struggles, places (Pont du Gard, the sunrise in Austria), ... really amazing!!

Submitted by pomelo on Fri, 03/10/2023 - 14:12

for me every holiday is great especially new year

Profile picture for user Muhammad Hamayun Anwar

Submitted by Muhammad Hamay… on Fri, 12/09/2022 - 07:22

I don't remember any magnificent trip whose experience I could share with you. I have visited many zoos in my province. might be I have to go abroad next year because my eldest brother lives there.

Submitted by Ira1321 on Sun, 11/20/2022 - 12:11

My the best holiday was in Italy.It was four years ago.Then it was my first trip abroad.I have unforgettable memories.There were a lot of beautiful architecture,like Colosseum,Pantheon,the Trevi Fountain and Vatican City.Also I tasted the most delecious pizza there.By the way,there were majority of boutiques where fashionable clothes were sold like the Disney Store,Dolce&Gabbana,Gucci and so on.I think that Itaily is the best place where you can just rest and enjoy the spectacular views.I'd to return there.

Submitted by megh__ on Fri, 09/09/2022 - 13:12

My best holiday was in Sicily last July. I went in the north of Sicily. during the day I went to the beach. In the evening I went to the restaurant and after dinner I met my friends who I had met there. I love this holiday.

Submitted by yaya on Thu, 09/01/2022 - 17:51

Hello, I remember a lot a vacation where I went with my husband and my two daughters to the beach. my daughters were very happy since they did not know the sea, it was incredible to see how time stopped and we enjoyed it to the fullest. I was in Santa Marta with my family, we went to meet the dolphins and the sea of a thousand colors, we walked, and we ate a lot of fish, this was unforgettable.
Profile picture for user JoModerator

Submitted by JoModerator on Fri, 09/02/2022 - 06:50

Hi yaya,

Thanks for your comments on LearnEnglish Teens. This website is specially for teenagers aged 13-17 years old but it sounds like you are older than that. You are welcome to keep on using LearnEnglish Teens but if you are over 17, please do NOT post any more comments as we must keep this strictly for teenagers to interact with each other.

Best wishes,

Jo (LearnEnglish Teens team)

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Submitted by uienuien on Tue, 07/19/2022 - 02:55

actually , my family and i have just travelled for only once and that trip is also the best trip i've had . It was visiting Hue - a famous ancient city in Vietnam . I travelled by train with my mom for over 10 hours . Because of staying in one place for a long time , it was quite boring . After over 10 hours , we came to Hue and I was so surprised about its peaceful and poetic beauty . We visited Hue ancient capital which is recognized to be a World Heritage site by UNESCO , the capital was truly magnificent . We stayed in Hue for 4 days , during those days we travelled a lot . It was amazing ! And I also enjoy many local delicious dishes such as rice dumpling cake; spicy beef noodle soup ; ...

Submitted by grivlad on Wed, 07/13/2022 - 14:30

My best holiday was in Abkhazia, 3 years ago. I had a trip for 10 days on a beach of Black sea. There were enormous mountains near the sea. Also, I had a trip in great underground cave. There was a metro inside the cave! 2 metro stations connected the entrance of the cave and her main part. A duration of the ride is about 5 minutes. In one of the days of my journey I had a trip in a botanical garden in the capital of Abkhazia. There were many varieties of plants which grew hundred years. Some of them were brought from Africa and South America.

Submitted by FranklyWrittenWrong on Wed, 07/13/2022 - 03:47

My best holiday was in Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam. It's really fun to navigate the old streets and enjoy the street foods. We stayed in our relatives' apartment. It's really interesting to see how the city evolved since the end of the Vietnam War.

Submitted by strawberry123_ on Thu, 06/23/2022 - 14:19

My best holiday was to Palanga, Lithuania. It wasn`t the first time, when I visited Lithuania(I gad been in Vilnius - main city before), but it was the first time for 5 years when I was near the sea. It was in the summer and it was just a perfect holiday. The weather wasn`t hot, but it was warm enough and sunny. We spend a lot of time on the beach sunbathing and swimming. Also, we visited a lot of places in Palanga and near it, such as historical museum, sea museum, delphinarium, parks, palace... We visited it a lot of times after it and now... we moved here and live in Lithuania almost a year now)
Profile picture for user anyaaa

Submitted by anyaaa on Thu, 06/09/2022 - 11:12

in my grandmother's village in Ukraine. There i walk with my friends, swim in the lake and ride a bike. In short, have fun and be close to my loved ones.

Submitted by aycauzz1 on Wed, 06/01/2022 - 07:16

Muğla Fethiye was the most beutiful holiday I've ever been to. The sea and caves were interesting. But the city I want to see the most is Barcelona

Submitted by Rohan266 on Sat, 03/26/2022 - 07:37

Chittorgarh ,we went there from our school.we had so much fun.we have seen chittorgarh fort ,Meera Mahal and many temple there.we clicked pics in front of Vijay stambh.

Submitted by Fernando227 on Wed, 01/26/2022 - 02:23

The best holiday I´ve ever had, was going to Puerto Vallarta, the sand and sun was amazing, I visited the Xel-ha and Excaret parks, they were so pretty.

Submitted by Jvnucuebcybeych on Mon, 01/24/2022 - 19:48

My best holidays were in Greece in the summer. My older sister and my parents and I were vacationing on the island of Crete. It was very beautiful there! We visited all kinds of excursions, were on the island of Santorini. Also on the trip we met a family from Russia, they were cool, we immediately found a common language with them. The whole trip was incomparable!

Submitted by Arturo on Tue, 01/18/2022 - 14:36

My best vacations are in Cancun, 4 years ago my family got on a plane and we were about 2 hours on the plane and after that we arrived at the hotel and the place was huge but when I explored the place I found that it was a 24-hour buffet and That made me like it a lot more and that's why I chose this place as my best vacation.

Submitted by dhadzikadunic on Mon, 12/06/2021 - 22:25

I would like to visit Machu Picchu because I have heard so many great stories about that place. That is definitely on the top of my trip list.

Submitted by Pam2 on Thu, 10/14/2021 - 20:14

my best holiday was my trip to Medellin, with my family we did different activities, such as going to an amusement park, planetarium, natural pools, we visited towns and got to know a little more about the gastronomy of the region

Submitted by armieK on Thu, 09/23/2021 - 02:49

My best holiday was in Spain with my family. First, we visited Barcelona where we saw Antoni Gaudi buildings. I was moved by Sagrada Familia! We also walked to the market and tried delicious local food. We stayed in Barcelona for two days and explored the city and vicinity. After that, we flew to the south, Granada. I loved Granada the most. I enjoyed walking on those small streets . I imagines gypsies in old days. I listened to their songs and watched them dance flamenco. After Granada, we drove to Rondo, and then to Madrid. What a great holiday!

Submitted by Tigress on Sat, 09/18/2021 - 15:14

All of my trips was so interesting! this year i have visited Rodos! i`ve visited a lot cool places for example, i was riding the donkey and i saw Akropolis. and for sure i swam in the sea)

Submitted by Polina152612 on Fri, 09/17/2021 - 12:28

My best trip was in July, 2018.We went to the Carpathians with our teacher and my friends. We rented small houses from locals to get closer to their way of their life. They told us about their traditions, customs, local food and clothes. Alltogether we climded the Hoverla, went water rafting on the river Cheremosh. It was very difficult for us, but we coped with it. We enjoyed every day of our trip. It was amazing.

Submitted by anoldspirit on Thu, 08/19/2021 - 05:23

I have the best holiday is to learn some new math skills in a campaign held by our senior classmates last year. I remembered that I could barely figure out what the speakers were talking about, but it made me quite impressive. It let me know that there were numerous challenges in my senior high school. Now, I have already become grade 2. I need to bear more responsibilities in the next semester. I know that I'm ready to meet those difficulties.

Submitted by P877e212 on Tue, 08/17/2021 - 13:35


Submitted by Vuquan on Thu, 08/12/2021 - 04:02

I like this lesson, I learn lots of new words.
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Submitted by Andrii on Wed, 06/30/2021 - 16:29

I think my best holiday was when i went to Austria with my cousin for skiing. I really love skiing, especially in Alps. Even though my cousin didn't ski with me, we had a great time.

Submitted by sofi1500 on Sun, 06/13/2021 - 19:57

My best trip was in May, 2019. I went to Turkey to the Mediterrancan sea cost. I stayed in a large hotel. There were 2 swimming pools, a library, a small aquapark, a hall, a beach and a lot of other things. Every day I went to the sea and a swimming pool in the morning, after I walked around the territory, played tennis or volleyball. In the evening I liked to sit at the shore.
Profile picture for user Bluetreasure09Cats

Submitted by Bluetreasure09Cats on Mon, 05/31/2021 - 09:16

The best holiday I've been on is when I went to norway. There was a bridge there where you could cross from Sweden to norway and it was super cool. We stayed there and ate pancakes then we went home.

Submitted by rayy7710 on Thu, 03/18/2021 - 02:59

The best holiday that I've ever experienced was in July, 2019. Me and my friends joined a free motivation camp held by my tuition centre. It involved many teenagers from all over the states across Malaysia. We went to visit a forest that is located near the University Malaya, which is the place set up for the camp. As soon as we arrived there, everyone were divided in group to set up the tent together at the camp site. After that, all of us did so many fun activities such as mountain climbing, exploring the forest, take dip in a mud pool and throwing flour at each other. But the most memorable thing for me is the test of courage. One morning, at 12.00 a.m sharp, we were instructed to explore the forest in a group without any source of light and can only relied on our own instict. It was a long walk and many people were starting to get scared, but fortunately, the trip ends at 3 a.m. It was such a scary experience because something really did happened in the middle of the test, but nonetheless, i really enjoyed it. I hope there would be a new motivation camp where i would be able to join in the near future.

Submitted by mariap_09 on Wed, 02/24/2021 - 14:59

The most stunning holiday, was 3 years ago when my family went trekking in Caqueta, Colombia. It's very exciting becuase you can see the natural. The thing that caught my atention is natural pool and the waterfall that was amazing. Colombia is increible the people, the food, the culture and the natural it's unique. I want to more people known from my unbelievable country.

Submitted by Juju on Thu, 01/28/2021 - 09:11

My best holiday was in Istanbul. I was with my brother Nathan, my step mom, and my dad. I visited Istanbul when I was twelve and had a lot of fun visiting. We came there because my step mom is Turkish and she wanted to do a birthday party for my brother’s birthday. My brother was turning one year old.
Profile picture for user oliacream

Submitted by oliacream on Sun, 01/24/2021 - 17:07

Actually I had much holiday that I think was the best, but one of them is when I went to an English camp in Los Angeles. We stayed in California State University's campus. We had a canteen in the campus and I liked pizza the most there :D. Of course we had english classes there. Moreover, we had excursions every day. We also went to amusement parks, beaches and shopping malls. Besides, we had various activities in our campus. I met new friends in the camp and I still get in touch with some of them. To cut it short, it was the most unusual and entertaining holiday and I will always remember it.
Profile picture for user 酵母菌

Submitted by 酵母菌 on Sat, 12/03/2022 - 03:37

My English is poor, so I don't know if you can understand what I'm saying.I come from China and I have never been outside of our province.Err...I hope I can go out and see like you in the future.

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Profile picture for user Bluetreasure09Cats

Submitted by Bluetreasure09Cats on Wed, 01/20/2021 - 15:18

I read this in school and I think it's a good text.

Submitted by A01285868 on Thu, 01/14/2021 - 21:30

I find all these trips very interesting, it really shows that those who had the idea even like them and that is transmitted, only that I would add more information about the food, I feel that it is something that people take a lot of importance and could serve a lot, but in general, everything else is fine.

Submitted by heeyitskate on Fri, 01/08/2021 - 14:18

In fact, my family and I travel a lot. The best trip I've ever had was last summer. We were on a cruise. It was an unforgettable time! We visited Germany, Scotland, Iceland and even Greenland :D During our jorney we enjoyed natural beauty and wonderful wildlife of these countries. The waterfalls and geysers of Iceland were magnificent. To tell the truth, we didn't expect the weather to be so warm in Greenland in August. You know, it was about +10'C, but I thought it could be much colder. More than that, I had a gorgeous opportunity to train my skills in languages by chatting with locals and other people who also were on the cruise, by the way, now and then we get in touch with some of them.
Profile picture for user oliacream

Submitted by oliacream on Wed, 01/20/2021 - 14:03

How lucky you are! It is an exciting story. I wish I could travel with you.

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Profile picture for user Bluetreasure09Cats

Submitted by Bluetreasure09Cats on Mon, 05/31/2021 - 09:24

That sounds amazing, I think of people like you that you are brave. I don't have the courage to travel that much! :D

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