Jack's applying to university to train as a PE (physical education) teacher. How do you think the interview goes?


Do you think you might have to do an interview in English in the future? What have you learned from this video?


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wittymodestboy 26 May, 2018 - 22:56

I think I've learned a lot from this interview, especially after I did exercises which helped me understand the subject and caused that I didn't have to learn by heart served vocabulary.
I've got to know that during interview it is important to speak confidently. It has given me plenty of useful tips, for instance when you have no idea about what to talk with examiner to use sentences like "Let me think; That's an interesting question; It's difficult to choose one in particular". Moreover it's shown great, we can even say sophisticated words generally connected with sport and school goals like "keep physically fit; good for mental well-being and self-esteem; the lesson of teamwork, discipline and fairness."

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Jonathan - Coor... 27 May, 2018 - 07:05

Great, thanks for your comment! We're glad the video and exercises were useful :)

Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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