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Which educational online tools do you like using?


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Msharymnn 4 January, 2021 - 21:46

I’d like to use the sit which name is learn English teens for the british council it’s good and have all sorts of informations you can learn all kind of informations and learn English too youy can discus whatever you like their articles is soo nice and very good I like learn English teens and I love the british council sites too

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JohnyC 29 January, 2020 - 19:21

I like using the site, which name is learn.javascript. The site provides its users with documentation and knowledge of such a programming language as Javascript. And now I'd like to share with you of the site's advantages and downsides.
I wanna start with the strong sides of learn.javascript. The interface is quite simple, clear and easy for understanding even if it's your first time there. Also what I just love about the interface is that the site has a search input, using which you can find whatever you want related to javascript (of course the thing you're looking for have to be in the database of learn.javascript but it's so huge that it wil take years to learn or at least scroll through the whole amount of the information it contains).
Despite the numerous advantages (many of which I didn't even write about because it would take a long time) learn.javascript has a few downsides. I wanted to recall at least one downside but I failed to find anything bad or something that would irritate me. So, I have to admit that learn.javascript is the best resource for learning Javascript and it has almost zero disadvantages.

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