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Travelling abroad

To: francois.dupont192@me-mail.com

Subject: Saturday ;-)


Dear François

Thanks for your message. I’m looking forward to your visit to Dublin. I’ll come to the airport with my father to collect you on Saturday. What time does your flight arrive?

I think you’ll like Dublin. We live about 5km from the city centre but there are buses that go into the city all the time. When you’re here there are lots of things we can do. We can go to the water park at the aquatic centre and we can go cycling around Phoenix Park. If you like horror stories, we can visit Dracula’s Castle and there are lots of cinemas so we can go to watch a film too. And of course, you’ll meet all my friends and we can play football together.

You should bring a jumper and a jacket. The weather here is usually cold and rainy!

See you on Saturday.


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Do you often make spelling mistakes? What words do you often spell incorrectly?


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lancer 17 November, 2019 - 16:40

Yep, I often make spelling mistakes.
I am weak in english writing. :) so i am not sure what words i often spell incorrectly.

To: Mike
Subject: Travel to here

Hi Mike

I am looking forward to your visit to here.
I will go to the airport to collet you with my father.

We live a few kilometeres from the city center.
There are lots of place to visit and to do.
We can go to water park at the aquatic center. It has built lately. It is fantasitic place.
Also We can go horseback riding in the riding club. If you want to fly the sky, We can visit sky
club too.

Please remember that bring jumpers and jackets. The weather here is cold and rainny.

See you soon.


When will you arrive here?

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Aaron 3 November, 2019 - 08:01

Dear kyla
Thank for your message, I am looking forward to your to visit to taiwan. I will come to the airport to collect you. What time does you flight arrive?
I of the opinion that you will love taiwan. We live about 18 km from the city centre but there are buses that go into the city all the time. When you are here there are a lots of things we can do. We can go to the tallest 101 building, to see all the taipei city landscapes. If you have worshiped Taoist or buddhism, it is really good to come here, because there are many temples. If you like we are going to the fo guang shan buddha museum in kaohsiung, the museum was accepted as the youngest member of the international council of museums in 2014. And we can go to the night market to enjoy taiwanese cuisine at night.
See you soon!

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vitaminsea 24 October, 2019 - 00:52

Well, although I have learnt English for maybe 11 years, I can't say a lot of words correctly. I'm still finding some ways to fix my pronunciation just because I think it's pretty important for us to have a good pronunciaton. When I communicate with anyone, I want other people understand what I want to to talk about. Moreover, If I don't pronounce correctly, I will make they misunderstood the word which I use to talk. My friends advise me to watch Kenny N on Youtube since he makes so many videos about fixing how to spell correctly. On the other hand, I also learn the correct pronunciation when I watch something on Youtube or movies. I know there're lot of words which I can't speak correctly eventhough I try so hard. I will try harder to have a good pronunciation instead of doing nothing right now.

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yurii 26 August, 2019 - 20:14

Unfortunately, I often make mistakes in English. I just learn and try to improve my English skills every day. I'd like to share one's good advice: Learn English every day for 30 minutes, not more, not less. You will see the progress!

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hsroh 2 August, 2019 - 16:59

Dear Kim
Thanks for you message. I’m looking forward to your visit to Yongin.
Me and my dad will come to the airport and collect you.
It is not in Seoul but it’s near by so we can take subway.
There is Amusement park so you can go there if you want.
We can play baseball with my friendly and kind friends.
See you soon!

Nathan :D

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Thu 28 June, 2019 - 08:31

Sometimes, I make a little bit of a mistake. Especially, some words have the o and u. Like the word: Of course, I often write: Of coures. And the word: Example, I often write: Exemple. : ) hehe

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perutiona 14 February, 2018 - 20:41

Yes. Unfortunately, I often make mistakes when I write.But, I started my study about English just few time ago and I know that is a thing very normal and I believe that I can do better.

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SLMT 1 June, 2017 - 16:42

I sometimes make mistakes especially long words. It's too difficult to remember the correct one.Please tell me how can I improve my memory.

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JoEditor 1 June, 2017 - 17:02

Have you seen our Exams section? We have some great tips in the Grammar and vocabulary section and also in the Study tips section. Have a look here first: https://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/exams/grammar-and-vocabulary-exams/learning-new-words There's a section there about how to remember new words. 
Check it out and let us know if it helps. 
Best wishes, Jo (LearnEnglish Teens Team) 

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Fado23fado 30 July, 2016 - 12:22

Yes i do but not much. If you read a book and write essay you can decrease to make spelling mistake. I believe myself one day i will be learn to speak english very well even everyone supposes that i am native speaker.

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azrealss 25 March, 2016 - 15:14

I like your thinking but you should pay attention on them to improve your spelling, right?

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cicek 21 December, 2014 - 19:51

I rarely make spelling mistake but im not well in long words unfortunately D::::
I know i got mistakes the above :D if i have correct pls

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AnaB 10 June, 2014 - 14:16

Yes, I often make mistakes. I'm trying to not the same mistakes more and more times. Well usually in those longs words, or some scientific words. :)

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