Watch YouTube videos and improve your English at the same time. There are exercises, transcripts and worksheets to help you understand.

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Ali and Ahmed are teenagers. They had to leave their home because of war. This video tells the story of their journey to Germany. They are just two of the thousands of refugees in the world today. 


Do you ever think about who made the clothes you're wearing? Lots of people don't think about this when they're buying clothes, but a group of people in the fashion industry have started a #Fashion Revolution. Find out more by watching this video. 

We have our own YouTubers! They talk about everything and anything and we add subtitles and transcripts to help you improve your English as you watch. Post a comment to join in the discussion.

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Join Megan as she goes in search of a German castle!


Try some easy-to-make vegan sushi with this recipe!

Play games, have fun and improve your English vocabulary at the same time.

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How many words can you Sushi Spell in two minutes? Take the sushi from the moving belt to spell as many words as you can. 


Think of a number with two digits. For example, 43. Follow the Magic Gopher's instructions and he will amaze you by telling you what number you chose.

Write captions for the funny photos.

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Here's a positive photo for you! Can you write a caption for it?


It's another unusual photo! What's going on here? 

Guess what the photos are and write your answers below.

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Look carefully and think hard! What could this picture be?


Nice colour! Do you know what it is?

Read stories and articles for your level of English.

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Vandalism or contemporary art? Find out more about where street art has come from and where it might be heading.


No one believes her. But what about the blood in the swimming pool? And what happened to her leg? 

Listen to our audio fiction series, The Survivor. The audio is at three different levels so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

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Monica is awake and Agent Kowalski is coming for her. This is the sixth and final episode of The Survivor.


What happened the night of the plane crash? Will Agent Sanders wake up? Find out in the fifth episode of The Survivor.

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