B1 The survivor

Are you an intermediate (CEFR level B1) learner of English? Listen to our audio fiction series, The Survivor. The audio is at your level.

A plane crashes, leaving only one survivor. Who is she? This is the first episode of The Survivor.
Two months before the plane crash .... episode two of The Survivor starts in the FBI offices.
Agent Sanders is investigating a robbery. She needs to find the stolen money. This is the third episode of The Survivor.
Buddy normally helps Agent Sanders but today he is nervous and unpredictable. What is he going to do? This is the fourth episode of The Survivor.
What happened the night of the plane crash? Will Agent Sanders wake up? Find out in the fifth episode of The Survivor.
Agent Sanders is awake and she knows Kowalski will be coming for her. This is the sixth and final episode of The Survivor.