Episode 3: A coincidence (B1)

Agent Sanders is investigating a robbery. She needs to find the stolen money. This is the third episode of The Survivor.


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Previously on The Survivor ...

Ambulance driver: We've got a survivor here! There's a survivor here!

Radio: People on the scene say they saw the plane take off and then crash into a field. We know that two people are dead, and one person is in the hospital, in critical condition.


Nurse Bryson: You have a visitor, Jane. Agent Kowalski, from the FBI.

Agent Kowalski: How is she?

Nurse Bryson: Well, you should ask the doctor. She is very lucky to be alive. She's in a coma, but we hope she will come out of it.


Agent Kowalski: I know your real name, Agent Sanders.


One month before the plane crash ...

Agent Kowalski: Where are you? You didn't call last night. We've had no news from you at the bureau for 24 hours now.

Agent Sanders: I know. There were ... problems. I can't talk about it now. Not on the phone.

Agent Kowalski: Can we meet?

Agent Sanders: Not right now. Give me another 24 hours.

Agent Kowalski: We're partners, Sanders. We need to share information. Tell me what is happening ...

Agent Sanders: This is not a secure line. We don't use names.

Agent Kowalski: Whatever. Fine. Have you found the money?

Agent Sanders: I think so. I'm close. I can't say more right now.

Agent Kowalski: Yes, you can. You can ...


Nurse Bryson: Good morning, Jane! How are you? ... Oh dear, that's the doctor. Just a second. Yes? ... No, our Jane Doe is fine. Let's look at her chart ... Hmm. It says here that last night, well, her heart was beating faster, as if she were stressed. But there was no other change. And now she's back to normal, I think ... Yes, doctor. Of course, doctor.

Officer Garner: Hello? Are you ... Nurse Bryson?

Nurse Bryson: That's right. Can I help you?

Officer Garner: My name is Officer Brian Garner. I'm with the sheriff's department. Sorry it took so long for someone to come over here.

Nurse Bryson: That's all right, officer. What can I do to help?

Officer Garner: I'm here to see your patient, and ask you a few questions.

Nurse Bryson: Well, I've already told your friend from the FBI everything.

Officer Garner: FBI? Friend? What are you talking about?

Nurse Bryson: Agent Kowalski. The young man who was here yesterday.

Officer Garner: Hmm. Strange ... Nobody told us this. Did this man show you his identification?

Nurse Bryson: Yes ... I think so. I don’t remember. I mean, I've never seen an FBI identification badge, so what would I know?

Officer Garner: Don't worry. They never tell us anything. Anyway, do you have any identification for your patient here? Clothes, personal items, jewellery? Anything like that?

Nurse Bryson: There were some clothes, yes. But no identification. We're calling her Jane Doe.

Officer Garner: Hmm. Jane Doe. OK. Listen. Here's my card. If those guys from the FBI show up, can you give me a call? It would be good to share any information we find.

Nurse Bryson: Of course.

Officer Garner: I wonder ...

Nurse Bryson: What is it? Do you think Jane is in trouble?

Officer Garner: I don't know. But I wonder if this is connected with the big robbery a few months ago.

Nurse Bryson: Robbery?

Officer Garner: Yeah. Two months ago a bank truck with over two million dollars was robbed. The criminals were never caught, and the money disappeared.

Nurse Bryson: What does that have to do with Jane?

Officer Garner: The truck was robbed near that airport.

Nurse Bryson: Oh.

Officer Garner: It's probably nothing. Just coincidence. Anyway, I should go. Good afternoon.

Nurse Bryson: Good afternoon.


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Submitted by Katcatmk on Thu, 02/10/2022 - 13:22

This is very exciting story . It is very interesting to listen and i hope tat Jane will wake up soon.

Submitted by Death on Wed, 02/09/2022 - 17:49

Wow! I don't know how and why but the third part is even more interesting than the second! There are still lots of questions. First: why the bank truck robbery was near the airport from which the crashed plane took off? And second: why was it robben actually? As I said there are still lots of questions... (RESPECT TO THE AUTHOR!!!)
Profile picture for user Andrii

Submitted by Andrii on Wed, 03/11/2020 - 19:28

I think those guys who pretended to be from FBI aren't really from FBI and Agent Kowalski is that person, who came this time.

Submitted by hermione123 on Wed, 01/06/2021 - 23:27

true! Agent Kowalski isn't really working for FBI. have you finish The Survivor? if it yes, it is incredibly great

In reply to by Andrii

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