Episode 5: You're awake (B1)

What happened the night of the plane crash? Will Agent Sanders wake up? Find out in the fifth episode of The Survivor.


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Previously on The Survivor ...

Ambulance driver: We've got a survivor here! There's a survivor here!


Nurse Bryson: She is very lucky to be alive. She's in a coma, but we hope she will come out of it.

Officer Garner: Two months ago a bank truck with over two million dollars was robbed. The criminals were never caught, and the money disappeared.


Buddy: The other guys from the bank job, the robbery. They know about you. They know you're an FBI agent. They know I've been talking to you.


Agent Kowalski: I need you to wake up, Agent Sanders. I need you to wake up and tell me where the money is.


Buddy: Just be quiet and fly the plane where I tell you to.

Pilot: OK, OK. Stay calm. We are moving now. You don't want an accident, do you?

Buddy: Just fly.

Pilot: Hey. There's a door open. In the back … how did that ...

Agent Sanders: Stop right there!

Buddy: What? What are you doing? How did you get on the plane?

Agent Sanders: My name is Agent Sanders. I'm with the FBI. I want you to stop this plane right now.

Buddy: Are you crazy? How did you find me?

Agent Sanders: It wasn't hard, Buddy. I followed you here.

Buddy: Yeah, and jumped on my plane! Well, if you're so smart you know I don't have the money with me.

Agent Sanders: I know. But I also know where you put the money. So turn this plane around and let's go back to the city and talk about this.

Buddy: No way, man. Do NOT listen to her. Take off, just take off now!

Pilot: Listen, I don't want any trouble ...

Buddy: If you aren't gonna take off, then move over!

Agent Sanders: Stop it! What are you doing?

Buddy: I am NOT going back! I don't care ...

Pilot: Hey man, what are you doing! Don't touch that, don't ...


Agent Sanders: Uhhhh ... huhhhhh ... Huhhhello?

Nurse Bryson: Jane? Oh, you're awake. You're awake! You're awake! Let me get the doctor!

Agent Sanders: Wait. Wait.

Nurse Bryson: What?

Agent Sanders: Help. I need your help. It's very dangerous.

Nurse Bryson: What do you mean?

Agent Sanders: The FBI agent. He isn't ... he's a criminal. Very dangerous.

Nurse Bryson: Oh, Jane. Let me get the doctor.

Agent Sanders: No, wait! Please. There isn't much time.

Nurse Bryson: OK, Jane. Tell me. Tell me what you need to tell me.

Agent Sanders: Monica.

Nurse Bryson: What?

Agent Sanders: It's Monica. Monica Sanders. I'm an FBI agent.

Nurse Bryson: Nice to meet you, Monica Sanders. What can I do to help?

Agent Sanders: I need you to listen very carefully ...


There's only one more episode of The Survivor! What do you think is going to happen? 

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Submitted by Andrii on Mon, 03/16/2020 - 16:51

I think Agent Sanders will look for the money and catch "Agent Kowalski".
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