This is a really weird one! Can you write a caption for this fruity photo? 


Write your caption below. 



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SKYGUY 28 May, 2022 - 14:19

What if fruits truly get teeth? They might try to lob out your fingers. As a result, we will call them little demons harming and annihilating human beings. That's why trees stay autotrophic for their wish is not a hell upon the earth but if the constant damage is caused by people to the trees the whole environment will have its vengeance which is stored up as a whole. We call it natural disasters. Want to be a part of it?

#Please protect our trees#

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G64 4 June, 2021 - 11:40

I take a photo of two fruits and overlay my mouth using photoshop. I do not know why I made it.

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Sherlock4869 8 August, 2020 - 12:56

Do you want to know how they became to a lemon and an orange?????
........You said, Yes.

OKAY, I am going to tell you.

..................They ate lots of lemons and oranges. Then they became to like this.

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Giovannichoi 26 May, 2020 - 12:42

Orange: You're ugly, father.
Lemon: Are you talking about you?
Orange: No, you smelly old no-eyed lemon dad.
Lemon: I'm sure your talking about you.

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empty 23 July, 2019 - 08:28

The lemon : Hi orange what's up ?
The orange : Hey lemon ! nothing special I was just .... wait ! how are we speaking ?? fruits can't speak !
The lemon : what ! that's nuts ! who told you that ?
The orange : well , the humans expect us to be quite .
The lemon : maybe that's just because they don't know that we can speak .
The orange : be quite ! don't speak ! nobody should find out about this !
The lemon : why ?
A human : Hey ! speaking fruits !
The orange : ( sighs ) because of this ! okay ?

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Ken 1 March, 2018 - 03:00

Lemon: Wow! You look gorgeous!! What a beautiful nose job!
Orange: Thank you! (*ꆤ.̫ꆤ*) .....OMG! You, too?? Your perfect face-lift looks younger! What a wrinkle-free beautiful face!! <3
Lemon: Thank you so much! Your brilliant comment makes me feel motivated to do more nip-and-tuck!!
Orange: Wow! Let's get more compliments from others until we're nearly recognizable!
•ू(ᵒ̴̶̷ωᵒ̴̶̷*•ू) ​ )੭ु⁾

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