What is it? 004

Can you guess what this week's photo is? No clues this time! Good luck.

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Well done if you guessed correctly. It's a human tongue!



What do you think it is?

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Submitted by stefan.radisic on Fri, 12/08/2023 - 15:04


Submitted by rociooviedoa.ali on Wed, 06/07/2023 - 07:21


Profile picture for user suldreen2010

Submitted by suldreen2010 on Fri, 02/25/2022 - 16:17

Really easy! It's someone's tongue
Profile picture for user InEnglishPlease

Submitted by InEnglishPlease on Sat, 10/30/2021 - 12:10

Is it a tongue?
Profile picture for user Kimchi

Submitted by Kimchi on Sat, 04/24/2021 - 12:40

I think that is a human tongue...

Submitted by Vuquan on Wed, 09/02/2020 - 08:17

i think that is a human tongue.

Submitted by vietnamleminh200707 on Tue, 07/28/2020 - 14:48

Its definately a human tongue
Profile picture for user IEnglish

Submitted by IEnglish on Wed, 07/22/2020 - 15:06

It's definitely a human tongue or a real close up of meat
Profile picture for user Sherry4869

Submitted by Sherry4869 on Sat, 05/16/2020 - 07:22

Umm, Its aa.... Human Tongue. It was a little bit difficult!!!

Submitted by Ben (not verified) on Wed, 09/02/2015 - 13:02

Yeah!I'm happy I got the right answer, although I can't speak the word in English.
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