Shopping is Great - Part 1

London is the shopping capital of the world. But what makes shopping here so great? Join Richard on a shopping trip to find out!


Do the preparation task first. Then, watch the video and do the exercises. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.


London is the shopping capital of the world. Every year millions of overseas visitors shop here. But what makes shopping here so great? There’s only one way to find out. I’m off to do some shopping – follow me!

At Harrods

Knightsbridge is famous for upmarket shopping. This is where the rich and famous come to buy … their socks. And this is the one and only Harrods … the ultimate in luxury. Even royalty shop here. If I’m lucky, I might see someone famous.

If only they had it in my size. Lovely! Thank you!

Done quite well there – what’s next? Taxi! Harvey Nichols, please.

At Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols – or ‘Harvey Nicks’ for short – is a great place for designer fashion.

Well, I had to buy couple of things … what?

At Hamleys

The biggest toy shop in the world – now you’re talking!

So cute … err … it’s not for me.

Oxford Street

London’s Oxford Street is retail heaven. It’s got over 2 kilometres of shops to choose from … and, of course, Selfridges for shopping with style. Taxi!

Could you drop all this off home for me, please? I’m off to explore a different sort of shopping in Britain.

If you like shopping all under one roof, then there are big shopping centres all over Britain. The Olympic-sized shopping centre at Westfield, Stratford, is huge. With over 300 shops, it’s one of the largest shopping centres in Europe.

At Lock's

Great shopping isn’t just about big shops. Smaller shops can offer something special too. Tucked away in the heart of Piccadilly is a great shopping gem. Lock’s sell that must-have in gentlemen’s fashion: the hat! Lock’s opened in London in 1679. Their hats can be seen across the world. They pride themselves on their personal service.

Richard: Sue Simpson is a hat specialist. Hi, Sue.
Sue: Oh, hi, Richard.
Richard: Wow, a bowler hat. You don’t see many of those these days, do you?
Sue: Well, we don’t call it a ‘bowler’ here at Lock’s, we call it a ‘coke hat’ because it was invented in 1850 for Thomas Coke …
Richard: … by this very shop.
Sue: … by this very shop and we still call it a ‘coke’ to this day.
Richard: Ah, the classic top hat. When would I wear that?
Sue: That’s a beautiful silk top hat. You would wear that for a society wedding, or the time you see most of them is at Ascot, which is the famous race meeting in June.
Richard: So what’s your best-seller here at Lock’s?
Sue: Our best-seller would be a classic tweed cap or this trilby here, which is called a ‘Voyager’, and the novelty of this one …
Richard: … is it folds up so you can pop it into your luggage.
Sue: … pop it into your luggage.
Richard: Excellent. Is that a deerstalker?
Sue: Similar to a deerstalker, but this is a country cap with a fastening that goes over the top. And this was invented originally for wearing in open-top cars, but now it’s more commonly worn on the hills out shooting and this keeps the ears warm and stops it blowing away.
Richard: I like it; I’ll take this one.


Do you like shopping? What are the differences between shopping in London and shopping where you live?

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Submitted by Happy_Prince on Wed, 03/18/2020 - 15:35

I like shopping, because in my opinion buying new items is cool. The difference between my town and London is that my city does not have so many shops and shopping centres.

Submitted by Mehrisha on Wed, 04/17/2019 - 02:29

I love shopping.I would love to visit London at least at once.

Submitted by grace_53 on Wed, 04/17/2019 - 02:15

I love shopping....I would love to go to London..there’s a lot of shopping malls...they have a rich taste of fashion..

Submitted by aabira on Tue, 04/16/2019 - 19:25

I like shopping but not a shopaholic. The video was great and I came to know that there are so many good shops there. I really want to visit London in future not for shopping only but to roam around the city.

Submitted by Hafiza on Tue, 04/16/2019 - 17:25

Hi. I love shopping. Shopping makes me happy and feel good. London is one of the most beautiful city and shopping capital of the world. The difference between shopping in My country and London is that in my country there are not many shopping malls and its not possible for me to get the required things easily from one place. I would love to visit London and will do shopping from there.London is a great place for shopping where I could easily find affordable and kuxurious things. As Hamleys is the biggest toys shop so I will feel great if I can buy toys from there someday. Thanks for the video. It was nice and an informative one.

Submitted by Din on Tue, 04/16/2019 - 16:44

Hey, ma'am. I have watched the video. It was enough good. Here Richard played a good role, but he was funny. I would like go there. I wish I could go there every month for shopping. Except these, I did true/false and I got 12 out of 12 ✌.

Submitted by Usbuk on Mon, 04/15/2019 - 07:30

It's a great video. I have completed the true/false and gap filing.I have got 10/12 in the true/false and 8/8 in gap filling.After watching the video I have known many facts and for those facts, going to London for shopping has been added to my bucket list.

Submitted by Ash_grace_11 on Sun, 04/14/2019 - 17:56

Shopping in London is a lot more fancy than our country....but i guess it would be much expensive for me...only if i could become as a rich person i could bear the expenses...but i will try my best to go in London & visit these markets even if it is to buy a toothpaste....but i must say they have a great collection of good stuffs which we lack in having in our marketing places

Submitted by Ash_grace_11 on Sun, 04/14/2019 - 17:37

Oh! I just love shopping....not all the time though....sometimes i feel exhausted when i fail to find an appropriate dress for me...that's abominable.....but still i love shopping. London is a place where i always dream to be...and those markets from london are mesmerizing....i want to be there for once in a life time....

Submitted by Usbuk on Sat, 04/13/2019 - 21:14

I have watched the video and did the tests also.I have got 10/12 in true/false and 8/8 in the gap filling.After watching the video I have known many facts,like the London’s Oxford Street is retail heaven. It’s got over 2 kilometres of shops to choose from.'Go to London for shopping' I have adde this wish in my bucket list after watching the video.I wish one day I will have the chance to visit London!:')

Submitted by Machura on Fri, 04/12/2019 - 15:00

I don't like shopping everyday because I think it is a time wasting work. I love study and I love reading books. Generally I do shopping on various occasion.

Submitted by Roddhk on Fri, 04/12/2019 - 09:30

I have watched the video...and done the tests..i have got 10/12 in true false & 8/8 in fill in the blanks... Actually shopping is very easy in my city...but after knowing all the exciting information about London now I definitely want to go there someday for shopping.....and if I go I will buy a lots of things...

Submitted by krar309 on Fri, 04/12/2019 - 07:09

I love shopping. I prefer shopping with friends or family than shopping alone.
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Submitted by 1mhdi1 on Wed, 04/10/2019 - 18:02

Hello ma'ma. I am the talkative boy of your class.So as you said I have watched the video and took notes and also did the other thing like true ]/false and gap filling. I got 11/12 in t/f and 8/8 in gap filling. about the subject to like to say that it was always a dream to visit London one day now getting all these great information I would now surely one day visit London and will buy toys from Hamleys :)
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