‘The box’ is another way of saying ‘television’ or ‘TV’. In this short film, the TV is the main focus, in more ways than one! Watch it to find out more.


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the short film and do the exercises to check your understanding. 


Scene 1
Mum (Helen): Careful, careful ... Rob, don't drop it!
Dad (Rob): Well, if you shout at me I will!
Mum: Put it down there ... there to the left, the left a bit! Oh, all right, the right.
Dad: Oh, can I just put it down!?
Mum: Oh yes, that's fine.
Dad: It's top of the range. Things won't get any better than this ...
Mum: You'd better hurry up anyway. You're gonna be late and you've got some money 
to earn!
Dad: All right! Yeah, I'm on it, I'm on it!
Almost done ...
Mum: Aww ... look! Aaaah ... No, its gone ...
Yep, oops ...
Dad: Yes, yes ... hahaha
Mum: Well, well done, Einstein!
Dad: Great!
Mum: Get going!
Dad: All right! See ya later ...
Scene 2
Dad: Oi, you! Bedtime! C'mon!
Jamie (son): Night, Dad ...
Dad: Night, Son.
Scene 3
Jamie: Mum, I can't find them ...
Mum: They're in the bag!
Jamie: No, they're not!
Mum: They are!
Jamie: No, they're not!
Mum: They're in the blue bag!
Jamie: Well, you could have said! These aren't Pingoes!
Mum: They taste the same ...
Jamie: But they're different ... They're not gonna ...
Mum: Will you just shush for one moment!!
Scene 4
Dad: Well, I don't know what else you want from me, Helen!?
I've had a long day!
Mum: Oh, and I haven't!? Sorry to burst your bubble, Rob, but I work my backside off 
too, you know! And then I get home, and I get to cook for you as well ...
Dad: I'm sorry. I'm not in the most sociable mood after a long day at work! I just 
want five minutes to myself, Hel'! Is that all right? Just five minutes. Is that too much to 
Scene 5
Mum: You're home early? Oooh ... Rob ...
Dad: Oi, what you watchin'?
Scene 6
Mum: No luck then?
Dad: I've got a degree, Helen. I've got a degree and I can't even get a job stacking 
Mum: I know, honey.
Jamie: Mum!
Mum: What is it, Jamie? Mummy's busy right now.
Jamie: Can you help me with my maths, please?
Mum: No, I'm far too busy. Why don't you ask your father?
Jamie: Oooh
Mum: Rob ... Rob! Can you help Jamie with his maths, please?
Dad: All right, squirt. How can I help?
Final scene
Dad: Can't even keep a job as a banana! Get off!
Jamie: Very silky!
Dad: Get off! Or I'll clout you with my banana! All right, all right! Let's watch some telly.

How important is the television in your house? How many hours a week do you watch the box? 

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