Generation Parkour

'Parkour' comes from 'Parcours', meaning 'the way through' or 'the path' in French. Watch how these young people find the fastest way through their urban environment by jumping and using obstacles to help them. And what do they think about this new phenomenon? Watch to find out!


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the short film and do the exercises to check your understanding.


Voiceover: Parkour has recently exploded across Britain as a new, unique sport for young people. The Professional Parkour community continues to be a great inspiration for the next generation.
(Indistinct voices)
Parkour teacher: If you want help, you can get your friends to help you. And try not to touch the ground. Come on Luke, come on. Grab the rail.
(Indistinct voices of children.)
Alex Pownall: It’s open to all, it challenges me, it doesn’t require much equipment. I can do it for any length of time, I can scare myself, I can challenge myself physically. I can learn a hundred different skills just by learning one jump.
Arthur: When I’m high it’s a mix-up of afraid and really happy. I just generally like climbing, jumping and that sort of stuff. Pushing limits and things like that.
Kelda: I really like it ‘cause it’s kind of like me. None of my other hobbies really were. All my other friends think I’m, like, really good, but I’m not actually that good. I really liked it once when we were in Oval and then Alex hung us upside down from a building. We had another coach here to help … and they each held one of our ankles … and we hung off a building.
Arthur: Volcano!


Had you heard of parkour before? What do you think about it?

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Submitted by xMonBabyy on Wed, 07/14/2021 - 01:40

I like parkour

Submitted by TR790 on Wed, 05/20/2020 - 17:04

Well, It is a risky work but fun.
Profile picture for user empty

Submitted by empty on Tue, 06/18/2019 - 03:50

In my opinion , Parkour is a cool sport !
Profile picture for user MyStudyCoachJonas

Submitted by MyStudyCoachJonas on Mon, 02/12/2018 - 23:22

I am doing Parkour and I think that the Parkour is dangerous but fun and exciting.
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