Wacky Races - Pantomime Horse

Usain Bolt of Jamaica holds the world record in the 100 metres for men, but how fast could he run wearing a horse costume? Watch this short film and see a group of young people trying to set a new record in this strange event.


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the short film and do the exercises to check your understanding.


Nafi: Yeah, my name’s Nafi.
Hannah: My name’s Hannah.
Kane: It’s Kane.
Kathleen: Kathleen.
Christina: Christina.
Flo: My name is Florence Bailey.
Nafi: I’m trying to break a record.
Kathleen: We’re runnin’ a hundred metres in a pantomime horse.
Interviewer: Where are you going to get a horse costume?
Nafi: Nick it from Pike's Superstore in Thelma Gutchen Street.
Young person: Hold on … What’s that say?
Young person: Look … National Costumes.
Christina: What am I meant to say? I’m scared.
Hannah: What are we meant to be looking for?
Kane: These people don’t want to lend it to me for some reason.
Christina: We got offered a cow.
Flo: I got one for 35 quid.
Flo: I don’t like runnin’ much.
Hannah: I can’t run. All the smokers are gonna die. This is a health and safety risk.
Hannah: I can’t do it, no.
Young person: Go run fast, Hannah.
Hannah: I can’t run.
Christina: But you’ll get in training.
Hannah: No, I’m scared … my legs are shaking.
Young person: Shut up!
Race starter: Go!
(Girls shout and scream)
Race starter: Go on, girls, go on!
Race starter: Go!
Hannah: It’s impossible, we’re never going to do it for next Thursday.
Flo: No way.
Young person: Oh my God, this head is big!
Young person: The back person has to keep up.
Kane: I can’t see s***!
Young person: I can’t breathe! Ahh!
Nafi: This is the first horse you’ll ever see walking downstairs!
Kane: This should be the world record!
Young person: Can we swap so that I can be at the front now?
Young person: My back!
Kathleen: Hello. I’ve got a very hungry horse here and I need … er … a pound of apples, if you can help me, please.
Shop assistant: Why don’t you help yourself?
Young person: Who’s been smokin' in the horse?
Kathleen: Four apples for the hungry horse.
Hannah: I think that we’re gonna do it because we’ve been workin’ really hard, practisin’ and everything else.
Christina: I think we could probably break it.
Flo: It’s not goin’ to be all good and everything but I think we might flop a little bit.
Kane: I don't really think that we’re gonna’ do it because it’s a world record for a reason.
Nafi: We’re gonna break the record tomorrow or we’re gonna try.
Kane: F*** it, no, no, no, no, f*** it, I think we will do it.
Kathleen: Best wishes for tomorrow.
Young person: That is so far. Where’s the white rope?
Organiser: Kathleen … You’ve got a stitch.
Organiser: Alright. Kath doesn't want to run. That’s fair enough.
People: Go, go go!
Organiser: Did you get the time?
Woman: No, because they started before.
Young person: That was a warm-up.
Flo: I can’t believe they done that, man, we booted as well.
Kane: I’m just going to hold on to her bum and see how fast we go.
Well done, well done!
Woman: The time was 22.87
Kane: I felt …
Hannah: I couldn’t see … and he was touchin’ my bum.
Kane: Sorry, I like bums.
Nafi: Don’t hold there, cause the trousers will drop down. I'm getting a wedgie now.
Spectator: Come on, come on, yes!
Woman: The time is 16.37.
Organiser: Yes, Kathleen! That’s quality, mate!
Organiser: New world record holder … to be confirmed.
Kathleen: I’m out of breath, please … don’t film me … please.
Kathleen: We’re waitin’ to hear … the news … from … erm … what they called?
Flo: I think Guinness is goin’ to say 'NO'!
Kane: I don’t think we’re gonna do it you know …  look at her, man, she looks bare pissed, man.
Woman: I just spoke to the head of Guinness. They’ve confirmed that you set a new …
Kane: We need to ring them and make them put it in the book. They’d better put it in the book. ’Cause I ain’t buyin’ it for nothing.
Kathleen: It says my name.
Organiser: What are you going to do with your record?
Nafi: I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. I’m gonna sell it.


Did you like the film? What do you think would be the hardest part about breaking the pantomime horse record?

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